How local businesses grow smarter sales.

Troly is the easiest way for local businesses, winemakers, food growers, cafés and artisans, to sell online, offline, on websites and in marketplaces.

We generate new sales, build recurrent subscription revenue, improve customer commitment and build stronger relationships.

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Wholesales & Apps Marketplace

We connect your inventory to 3rd party channels to unlock additional sales, on-demand or automatically, all in a single click.

Wholesales & Apps Marketplace

We connect your inventory to third party channels to unlock additional sales, on-demand or automatically, all in a single click.

Subscription and loyalty

Generate recurrent revenue by running exclusive VIP member-only sales and grow margins with less effort through direct-to-consumer offers.

Events, Shop, eCommerce

Control your product placement across every channel that matters to you: website, point-of-sale, markets, apps and more.


At last, a software that can help control your inventory and sales.

Manage product and be effective with distribution. Troly helps showcase your story and products where it matters.

Grow your margins while you focus on your product

Manage sales from every channel using a single platform; allowing you to identify bottlenecks and new channel opportunities.

Reduce the effort required to sell and fill orders

Designed by the industry, Troly drives as little or as much as you see fit. Handover everyday processes and get back to what you love.

Raise brand perception, value and demand.

Together we unlock savings for the group and enable individual brands to seamlessly access channels otherwise unavailable.

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Producers around the world enjoy actionable intelligence.

Tracking a sale is almost worthless unless you use the information to your advantage. Troly can analyse your data and tell you how to leverage any sale. Simply define the target and Troly will get you there.

Major time saver!

Troly does all the heavy-lifting behind the scene. Finally I can better focus on making the products my customers love!

Alessandro Rinaldi

Winemaker, San Diego


Built with my small producer reality in mind. The software is superb, configurable, and connected to the tools I already use and know.

Jaymie Roissy

Cattle Rancher, Ohio

Read my mind!

Impressed how Troly solves real-life problems and actually improved our VIP club subscription rate within weeks. Setup took 20 minutes, wow!

Rusty Wiley

Urban Beekeeper, Montreal

A great package.

I’m a former IT manager and can say this software is very well packaged. My team was able to use without any training. Bravo to Troly.

Diana Dubois

Organic Farmer, Vermont


Local and craft producers canmake more sales from less effort.

Discover new customers and seamlessly process new sales automatically – even while you sleep!

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The only tool you need to take control of your sales.

The flexibility of Troly allows you to specifically tailor it do what you need it to do. Lighten your load and let Troly do the heavy lifting.

Turn customer intelligence into actions

Make each customer feel like they are your only customer, while building a real-time buyer profile for each product.

Better control your product & brand

Producers use Troly to better manage product details and inventory positioning, while ensuring the best, brand-tailored customer experience for every purchase.

Built-in features to grow repeat sales

With subscription sales, multi-channel campaign tracking and affiliate marketing capability, Troly helps you turn each sale into repeat and referral sales.

Effortless 1-click fulfilment

Track your product inventory in unlimited locations, using any e-commerce, point-of-sale and subscription software.

You can also offer several payment methods, improve shipping efficiency with unlimited carriers, and automatically keep customers in the loop with individual messaging.

Control inventory, and brand perception through each sale.

Local businesses around the world sell better with Troly.

Access the flexible and intentionally designed software proven to make time-poor producers succeed in reaching consumers and selling out.

No card required, no inconvenient sales call or demo, no wait!

Technology-first approach to driving word-of-mouth sales.

Reclaim Your Time.

Eliminate repetitive tasks and have day-to-day challenges handled more effectively using technology. Better sales also means more time.

Build Customer Loyalty.

Limit the never-ending discounts by offering real rewards to those customers truly helping drive your brand awareness and product sales.

Generate New Revenue.

With your permission we connect inventory data to new channels best suited for your products and brand.

Get Marketing Resources.

Our community helps you stay ahead of the trends and strategies, so you can focus on making the best product.