Wine Doesn’t Sell Itself: How to Develop Effective Marketing

A consumer is walking down the wine aisle, looking for a Cabernet, and doesn’t know what to purchase. Does this consumer notice your price? Your label? Your geographical location? No matter what makes your $15 Merlot different than the one next to it on the shelf, there is a way to stand out through marketing efforts. Simply put – wine doesn’t sell itself.

For small winery owners, marketing isn’t the top item on your to-do list when you wake up in the morning. Making wine is one art while marketing is an art in its own. You can generate sales effective marketing.  

Brand Engagement on Social Media

In a world where everyone is connected, even wine brands can reach a consumer in his or her own home. Your customers are on social media, so talking to them through these channels with posts drives engagement. Some ideas for engagement are:

  • Post about what is happening with your grapes
  • Show off developments on your land
  • Share pairing tips and tasting guides of your brand
  • Conduct polls or product idea contests
  • Go live on Facebook to talk about the winemaking process
  • Always extend best wishes on holidays and nationwide events through social media  

Build a Consistent Brand Voice

Your brand needs a voice that comes from one viewpoint. A smaller winery has the chance to be a fun voice that relates directly to the consumer. Just be yourself on your page. Some of the best business accounts are one that involve the customer and speak with an authentic voice. Some companies decide to use first person terminology in their posts.

When your brand is so connected to who you are as a person, building a consistent brand voice makes all of the difference!

Keep Your Message Fresh

Once you’ve build a consistent brand voice, your fan base starts to grow. As you build your brand and your customers buy your bottles from the shelf, don’t get boring. A fresh marketing strategy doesn’t use the same methods year after year.

Why do your customers choose your brand? Why are they connected to you? Answer this on social media again and again for fresh messaging and more sales. Even the most popular brands in the world, like McDonald’s and Amazon, change up their marketing strategies. Your small winery could come up with the next “I’m Lovin’ It.”

Get Creative with Partnerships

Wine and cheese. Wine and chocolate. Wine and anything? Partner with complementary brands in your area to boost your sales. It can start with something as simple as communicating online by sharing posts from companies you like. Online goodwill and morale builds friendship among brands.

You can also reach out in person to build partnerships with local companies. However, you wish to build creative partnerships, just be sure to share the information online! Your followers plus their followers makes your audience much larger!

Don’t Forget Direct-to-Consumer Sales

If you invest in direct to consumer sales for your winery, you need the marketing to back it up. Small wineries across the country do well with this model because a professional is out in the sales field while you manage on-site vineyard duties. Learn more about the D2C sales model from our team of qualified experts.

Market Your Winery as You Grow

Selling wine is no easy feat when aisles are stocked with other options. Build loyalty, boost sales, and grow your following with effective marketing strategies for your winery. You can start with brand engagement and a strong brand voice, after that build up messaging and partnerships. Enhance your business with marketing!


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