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If you’re not selling online in 2022, you are missing out on some serious potential for sales, growth, and brand awareness. As more businesses opt for eCommerce stores, those who don’t sell online are being left behind.

The past few decades have seen more change than ever, especially during the pandemic. In the past, watching football required a stadium. Now you can watch a game from the comfort of your home. Previously, grocery stores were the primary way to purchase meat, produce, and pantry items. Now, grocers sell online and offer home delivery.

The food and beverage industry is probably the most prominent example of change. Previously, restaurant and store owners sourced food from grocery stores, supermarkets, and distributors. But nowadays, new concepts are emerging, like the farm-to-table chain, for instance. This chain simply means that produce is sourced straight from the farmer, cutting out the middlemen. This concept offers many benefits, many of which Troly has dived into.

Benefits of the Farm-to-Table Approach

  • While the farm-to-table approach has been around for quite some time, it’s only now truly gaining momentum. More businesses are becoming aware of the benefits to them and the local economy. The concept is great because it:
  • Boosts the local economy by supporting the local farmers.
  • Restaurants always have access to fresh produce, which is always key in retaining customers and making an impression.
  • Associating your restaurant with the farm-to-table approach, highlighting your establishment and its modernization.
  • The system benefits the environment since produce isn’t shipped long distances. It minimizes pollution and wastage.
  • It enables farmers and small producers to sell online, directly to your customer.

Why Sell Your Foods and Beverages Online

You Have Access to Millions of Potential Customers

2021 statistics showed that 90% of the population in the USA are active internet users. With numbers like these, small producers should sell online; it is a no-brainer. With digital marketing, you have the opportunity to advertise your products, specifically on social media, Google ads, email marketing, and with partnerships. Essentially, you can ensure your product is everywhere your customers are.

It’s the New Norm to Sell Online

Online shopping, for just about everything, is the new norm. If your customers are already shopping online for other products, why aren’t you opening the opportunity for yours to be seen? While shopping online for everyday products and clothes was the most common online purchase, shopping habits have a significant shift. More consumers are accepting of the fact that businesses sell fresh produce, food, and groceries online.

It Increases Brand Awareness

Being active and available online, whether it be social media, email marketing, accept or via search results, you can sell online, which consequently increases your brand awareness. And by offering your product on multiple platforms (as we suggest on Why is it so Hard to Buy from Small Producers), you are expanding your brand potential.

You Can Sync with Your POS Systems

Selling online does not have to be a significant hurdle that puts more work on your plate. When integrated correctly, you can sync your POS system with your online store and ensure everything is tracked and monitored without any hassle. You can track your inventory successfully without stock issues.

If you’re looking to sell online and need a system to help you, try Troly’s FREE 30-day trial. It has everything a small business needs to get started. Troly’s features are particularly focused on helping small producers launch rich eCommerce and POS models. There is also help with distribution to restaurants, small retail, and customers directly. When selling online for the first time, Troly is there to help every step of the way. All you have to do is sign up and access all these features for free for 30-days, with no commitments.

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