Why is it so Hard to Buy from Small Producers?

For small producers, challenges come in many forms. From inventory, distribution, and sales to the ever-demanding supply chain, producers are constantly in need of solutions. Similarly, consumers face equally challenging situations when attempting to buy the product. It’s crucial to know what difficulties consumers face and understand why it is so hard to buy from small producers. The first step of finding the solution is acknowledging the problem.

Discovering Small Producers is Challenging

Problem: Since many small producers have limited sales channels, consumers have few means of discovering these products. While it is crucial for small businesses to establish an eCommerce store, it shouldn’t be the only sales avenue.

Solution: Businesses should consider expanding into more physical stores, online stores, restaurants and make a conscious effort to make their product available in more areas. In fact, businesses should push all efforts to maximize exposure to the product or brand.

Customers Have Limited Buying Opportunity

Problem: While discovering a product is a challenge on its own, the opportunity to purchase it is equally challenging. Discovering and being interested in a product does not necessarily mean it is readily available for purchase. Many small producers can still not successfully ship their products to anyone and confine their delivery to a small location.

Solution: Businesses should invest in modern systems that open up buying opportunities for customers. It is crucial to use well-integrated, multi-channels that businesses can link to real-time inventory. These types of software programs, like the ones Troly uses, helps businesses adapt their business and make their product more accessible.

Businesses Offer an Inadequate Buying Experience

Problem: Most online shopping experiences are not pleasant for customers. Many online customers are kept in the dark, with little information regarding their order tacking. Additionally, communication has shifted merely advert and promotional blasts. In many cases, consumers have to log onto the website to check for order tracking, with little to no update from the business regarding their order. Super Office supports this with statistics, where they note that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

Solution: Businesses should prioritize open commutation with their customers, with regular updates regarding their orders. This applies to both businesses that have websites and those that don’t. Customers should never be left wondering where their order is. As big brands are increasingly educating their customers and keeping commutation, small businesses are not keeping up with this initiative from big brands.

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