Tools for a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

The new age is on us, and we have to embrace the digital movement. As a small business, this means that you have to embrace the fact that your business needs a digital marketing strategy. Not only will it help you attract more potential customers, but it will help you boost your sales and even help scale your business.

The truth is that while you might think that product “sells itself,” the market is tough. You’re going to have to consider setting up a digital marketing strategy if you want to keep your business moving. Troly has put together a few areas to consider working on in your strategy to get you going.

1.  SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

When it comes to marketing as a whole, SEM marketing is one of the most important. By focusing on SEM, you’re able to compete with larger companies and help get your business seen by your ideal customers.

Since most customers use a search engine like Google when researching a particular product, you can use SEM to ensure your business website is seen first. Essentially, there are specific advert tools that help target your audience. So, when individuals search for particular words like “boutique wine” or “organic farmers,” your SEM will put your website first on the Google page.

When it comes to SEM, it is best to consult a digital marketing strategy expert. In most cases, you can hire a freelancer who can help you once-off, especially on popular freelance websites.

While you might think that product sells itself, the market is tough, and you’re going to have to consider setting up a digital marketing strategy if you want to keep your business moving forward.

2.  Email Marketing

Email marketing, which targets your customers directly, has proven to be a hugely successful digital marketing strategy for many businesses. In fact, a report published in 2016 by Campaign Monitor stated that “every dollar invested in email marketing, companies generated $44 as a result.”

We’ve spoken about email marketing in our article on How to Boost Sales with Social Media and Email Marketing. If you need help creating captivating marketing mails, read our article on 5 Tips for Creating Compelling Marketing Mails.

Essentially, you want to use email marketing to promote your product, updates on new products, or just general messaging. In short, this is what you have to do to get started:

Start Your List

To successfully send emails, you have to have a list of emails. You have to gather the email addresses of your target audience, which is easier if you have existing customers.

The key here is to ask your customers for their emails, which can be done on your premises, or when customers send you their delivery information. You can also do this online and on social media, where you ask customers to subscribe to your newsletter.

Ensure your content is excellent.

Most individuals are flooded by emails daily, so ensure that yours stands out. Ensure that all your emails are relevant, to the point, thoughtful, and not sent out too often. The key here is to build an email relationship where customers want to open and read your content.

Automate your emails.

As your list grows, you’re going to have less time to send out individual emails. Several programs will help you automate your emails and take some responsibilities off your plate while building that relationship and helping your digital marketing strategy.

Troly has incredible built-in features that help you connect with your favorite email marketing platform, making email a breeze! You can also connect your existing software when you get started with Troly, including your website, e-commerce, and POS system. So the move to Troly is a quick and easy process, with no significant changes, except for a massive boost to your business with the range of Troly features.

You can try Troly’s extensive list of features with a complimentary free 30-day Trial, or simply book your training and see how you can increase your sales with Troly.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about delivering valuable, relevant articles and blog posts to your customers and potential customers. This is important to establish yourself as an expert for both your existing and potential customers.

This is often done subtly, so hiring a copywriter to help you might not be a bad idea. It’s easy to sell your product, but few businesses are focusing on offering valuable information – which many individuals will appreciate. The most popular way of providing this content is via a blog section on your website, considering 77% of the internet users are blog readers. If your content is good, readers will return to your website consistently and probably make a purchase too.

These three digital marketing strategies are great starting points for any small business. Be sure to read part 2 of our digital marketing strategy, which focuses on more tips to help you boost your business, sales, and marketing. 

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