Tactics for Creating Compelling Marketing Mails

Writing compelling email marketing content is not as simple as we might think. In a digital age where spam is a serious issue, standing out can be exceptionally hard. Moreover, getting sales or conversions from these emails are even more challenging. This is apparent as most emails in our industry only have about a 26% email open rate.

Consequently, we’ve created a list of 5 tips for creating compelling marketing emails that could give you the boost you need and get the results you want from every single mail.

Nobody really reads email blasts anymore. Do you know what they do read? Suggestions sent to them based on a wine they’ve purchased.

Always Keep the Email Goal in Mind

Before sending out any form of email marketing, it is essential to remember why you are sending it. There are three main reasons for sending emails to your readers: To create brand awareness, make a sale, and strengthen relationships with your email list.

Whether you’re sending a promotional email or a monthly newsletter, keep those three goals in mind, and word your emails in a way that will guarantee each of those results.

Keep It Short and Sweet

How often do you read long, drawn-out emails from local retailers? It’s probably not that often. That’s because nobody has the time to dedicate to reading extensive emails. Skip over the lengthy introductions and endless paragraphs. Instead, keep your emails concise and engaging.

If there is a lot of information you would like to get across to your readers, send out several shorter emails instead. Avoid sending long emails on an infrequent basis, and opt for shorter, frequent ones.

The key here is to write catchy, engaging emails with every single mail, to keep their attention every time.

Use Software To Automate Your Emails

While all these tips seem great in theory, in practice, it is a lot of work. But it is only challenging if you attempt to do it manually. The truth is, there is some excellent mailing software and programs available that can automate everything you need.

For instance, many programs allow you to create response emails based on specific actions of your reader. If the customer abandons their cart, signs up to your newsletter, makes a purchase or joins your wine club, you can set up emails that will send automatically based on those actions. This is without a doubt, one of the most important components of email marketing.

Track Every Detail of Your Email Marketing

The thing about email marketing is that there isn’t a clear-cut strategy for everyone. Each winery is different, and so it’s about your personal experience. Subsequently, it’s about trial-and-error and tracking what works for your audience.

Some of the features worth tracking and adjust are things like:

  • What times of the day did you get the best engagement or click-throughs?
  • Which days of the week did you get the best open rate?
  • What topics lead to more open rates or conversions?
  • What types of subject lines work best?

Create Targeted Email Marketing Instead of Blasts

Gone are the days where sending email marketing blasts to your entire mailing list was acceptable. These email strategies will not get you the engagement, click-through rates or conversions that you want.
In fact, the key is to segment your list and send them specific, target e-mails based on their interests.

For wineries, some of the best segment examples include:

  • Wine Club members.
  • Visitors of your winery.
  • Individuals who have purchased your wine.
  • Newsletter subscribers.

While these programs allow you to target individuals based on certain actions, when combined with Troly, you have access to so much more. Thus, using Troly’s integrations, you can personalise your marketing emails to the finest detail. Nobody really reads email blasts anymore. Do you know what they do read? suggestions sent to them, based on a wine they’ve purchased.

Other than just enriching your email marketing experience, Troly offers many, many other features. In fact, some of the features Troly allows you to intergrate every part of your business, including your marketing, shipping, websites and point-of-sales. These intergrations have allowed wineries to run effortlessly and effeciently, with all the winery’s data interacting with each other on a single system.

If you haven’t tried it yet, sign up to Troly’s free 30-day trial, and see how we can transform your business.

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