How To Boost Sales with Social Media and Email Marketing

Statistics show that more than half of the world’s internet users, ages 16 to 24, use social media to research a brand or product”

While many wineries still don’t consider the importance of having a solid social media presence, and email marketing, the evidence of its significance is stacking up. With billions of active users on social media every single day, are you missing out on the opportunity to stand out as a business?

This article briefly discusses exactly what your social media strategy should entail. But most importantly, we talk about direct marketing. It’s a tool that has proven much more powerful when it comes to making legitimate sales.

What is a Social Media Strategy?

In essence, a social media strategy is a set of tactics used to get customers to purchase your product, visit your establishment and trust your brand.

The importance of using social media to promote your winery cannot be understated. In our piece on Lessons Learnt Selling Wine in 2020, we touch on the absurd statistics surrounding social media and businesses.

Statistics show that more than half of the world’s internet users, ages 16 to 24, use social media to research a brand or product. A solid social media strategy will set your brand apart, and you will genuinely reap some great rewards.

Best Strategy for Wineries.

When creating a social media strategy for your winery, there are a few main goals to base your tasks around:

1.       Promoting your winery and wines and leading them to your website.

2.       Opening communication channels for the customers, as well as interacting with them.

3.       Selling your wines directly on these platforms.

These should work as your baseline to guide you on content to reach your clients successfully. We also discuss the importance of posting regularly and consistently on our piece on Why Wineries Should Up Their Social Media Game.

But what we’ve come to understand from sales is that email marketing is the way forward. While social media plays an essential role in creating brand awareness and opening communication channels, direct marketing is where the sales tend to be best.

5 Ways to Gain Direct Access for email marketing.

There are several ways you can gain direct access to your customers’ mailbox and start planning your email campaign. Just ensure that whatever means you use to get their email addresses, you are transparent about the fact that they will receive marketing emails from your winery.

1.       Run promotions or giveaways that customers can enter by signing up with their email addresses.

2.       You can also incentivise signing up for your newsletter by offering your customers a one-time voucher for signing up.

3.       Collaborate with other businesses to run special promotions or giveaways. Here the customer also enters by using their email, but by doing this, you have access to a broader audience range.

4.       Create a special voucher for first-time buyers that offers them a discount on their first purchase that they will receive via email. Not only does this gain direct access, but it leads to potential sales.

5.       If you have a tasting room or restaurant, offer a special voucher or discount that they can access by providing you with their email. Again, this will give you direct access while also leading clients to your establishment and creating a sale.

The key points to take away from this is that social media is crucial for your business. What you do on social media does require some strategy and goals, or else it’s all rather pointless. Social media will do wonders for your brand. However, if you’d like to make sales, email marketing is your friend.

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