3 Ways Technology Can Help Wineries With Operations

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Let’s cut to the chase. The old-school systems used for accounting, stock management and sales have to go. We’ve seen (during the pandemic especially) that wineries need technology if they want their business to survive. In fact, Technology helps wineries Thrive.

There are ways that you let technology help wineries and reduce time, expenses and mistakes. So allow yourself to run your establishment smoothly. Spend time on the factors of the business that will bring in the cash. Allow technology to take care of the nitty-gritty.

Here’s why.

Technology Helps Wineries Minimise Human Error

Technology has undoubtedly been a critical factor in how wineries have managed to reach customers around the world. Particularly, innovations like digital marketing, e-commerce and a digital wine-club system reach clients unlike ever before.

Conversely, there is a lot of admin that comes with these innovations. One potential problem is human error on the finance, inventory, and general business management side.
The dated systems of tracking inventory by using spreadsheets notebooks are costing you.

Ideally, you want to accurately and efficiently run your business by incorporating inventory management and accounting software. You are not only minimising human error, but you save your business several crucial hours a week on data reconciliation.

You Can Track Inventory in Real Time

When it comes to running the day-to-day, wineries experience several streams of income and considerable expenses. Tracking this manually is outdated and will cost tremendously in both time and effort.

Subsequently, incorporating the extraordinary features that technology offers on the accounting end will change your business. Most accounting software enables you to sync all facets of your business and accurately track income expenses and inventory. Additionally, and most importantly, it is tracked in real-time. Gone are the days that you spend tracking all these aspects. Thousands of businesses have seen the value and leveraged technology to help their wineries.

You Can Pinpoint Every Penny

Running a business successfully includes pinpointing exactly where your money is going. With so many expenses, from winemaking, bottling, labelling, shipping, marketing, salaries, overheads, it is impossible to track everything manually.

What technology offers is something you will rarely be able to do by hand. Specific integration feature allows you to track every single cost involved with every single bottle you produce. In this case, you will be able to track the expenses and profitably on each vintage. This makes it so easy to change your prices or reduce your cost. With a detailed cost breakdown, there is more opportunity to track and adjust everything with a tap of your screen.

How to Get Started with Technology-in-Wineries

It’s important to know that this technology is out there, and you can integrate it with only a few simple steps. It’s easier than you think to shift your business to a technological-driven one. Troly’s entire focus is helping the company achieve their goals and run its business smoothly with the help of technology.

When it comes to stock management, sales management, e-commerce, accounting and reporting, Troly offers something for everyone. Troly allows wineries these state-of-the-art features that allow your business to run efficiently. Meanwhile, you can spend more time on the key elements while Troly takes care of everything else.

What’s even better is that there is an extensive list of integrations that Troly can implement. Ultimately, these features and capabilities will set you apart in this saturated industry. Accounting and stock management is only the beginning. Wait until you see what we’ve done by introducing features for marketing communications and wine club operations.
To get the full experience, sign up with Troly’s 30-day free trial, which you can cancel at any time. What do you have to lose when you have everything to gain?


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