4 Wine Trends Wineries Should Know About

There is no denying that if wineries want to stay ahead of the game, they must keep on top of the wine trends. As the industry constantly shifts, different trends come to the surface and allow wineries to adjust accordingly.

With the global pandemic, 2020 and 2021 highlighted four major wine trends that wineries should be particularly aware of.

2020 and 2021 saw a significant shift toward the digital world, for wineries especially. The global lockdown forced the industry to think of innovative ways to continue doing business, and it excelled! Some of the most significant shifts we have seen are the rise of online purchasing, virtual tastings and virtual events.

Consumers have now experienced the convenience of online purchasing and online events. As a result, this trend will stick around for the foreseeable future. In particular, offering customers the chance to buy your wine online easily is crucial.

Troly offers an award-winning eCommerce experience, already used by 50% of Californian wineries. With a fully synchronised catalogue and unique content, these features provide exactly what you need to get ahead with the digital movement.

As the Millennials and even Gen-Z consumers increase, the pressure to change the traditional packaging is very apparent. There is a clear shift toward alternative packaging that fits these consumers needs to be convenient, versatile, sustainable and healthy.

The most prominent packaging alternatives include cans, bags-in-boxes and half-bottles. These have become more popular since consumers can transport these with ease, while they have single-serving options and have a smaller environmental impact.

While many wineries have been fighting against this shift in packaging, the demand for these alternatives cannot be ignored. In 2012, the total sales for canned wines reached about $2 million. These sales skyrocketed over the years and now exceeds $30 million. The industry might be fighting the trend, but we undoubtedly have to get on board with these options to stay relevant in the future.

One of the main reasons that alternative packaging is a growing trend is consumers’ awareness of the health and environmental consequences. Therefore, wines that are lower in alcohol or calories are gaining more popularity. The statistics show that the pressure from Millennials and Gen-Z has pushed non-alcohol or low-alcoholic wine into the double-digit growth rate.

Additionally, more consumers are leaning toward biodynamic, vegan and organic wine for their own health and the health of the environment.

The addition of CBD to wine was almost inevitable. As more states and countries worldwide legalise CBD and THC, more wineries jump on board to use cannabis in their wines. In 2019, more than $400 million worth of cannabis was sold via dispensaries across the U.S. This means that that cannabis sales almost surpassed the total wine sales for that year.

Essentially, as more individuals seek out the benefits of cannabis, more wineries feel the pressure to include cannabis wines to stay on top of the trends.

What trend are you looking to get on board with? Will your winery look at alternative packaging or potentially cannabis? Or, are you starting with the straightforward option and embracing the digital movement? If so, be sure to try Troly’s free 30-day Trial or book yourself a free demo. The boost that Troly will offer will surpass all your expectations.

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