How To Nail Your Wine Club Sales

Incentives, in the forms of loyalty programs and memberships, has proven hugely successful in the wine industry. Both the loyalty and membership programs have proven to help customer retention and keep customers engaged with your product. If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend you read up on Why Your Winery Needs a Wine Club.

A new survey by Forbes suggests that wine clubs will take over tasting room sales. But what does it take to run a successful wine club?

How to Attract Members

Getting customers to sign up for your wine club is generally the most challenging step. With so much competition out there, your wine club offers have to stand out above the rest.

It’s crucial to remember that most club members are not hunting for the largest discounts. Individuals who buy your wines and visit your winery is sold by the experience, not just the wine.
With that in mind, your wine club should offer more than discounted wine. Here are a few ways to make your wine club stand out and get more individuals signing up:

Give them Access to Limited-Release Wines

If your winery produces any wines that are considered unique or exclusive, change your sales approach. By only allowing access to specific wines or older vintages, you create a sense of exclusivity that your members will greatly appreciate.
Nothing sells better than the feeling of having something that others don’t have.

Offer them Access to New Wines First

This means that if you release a new vintage, your wine club members will have the chance to buy these before anyone else can. Allow wine club members to purchase these new vintages a few weeks before being released to the market.

Again, this goes hand-in-hand with the sense of exclusivity and having access to something different. It won’t be your discounted prices that will attract customers; it will be this feeling of exclusivity.

Offer Premium Members Free Shipping

There are few things as appealing as the word “free.” This is especially true when it comes to shipping, so make use of this when marketing your wine club.

This is a great way to upsell a premium membership in your wine club. By only allowing free-shipping with the top-tier membership, you are more likely to get members to upgrade and purchase the premium tier.

Offer Exclusive Events

One of the greatest perks that many wine clubs offer their members is access to exclusive events.
This is a great way to attract customers to your establishment and allows you to work with local businesses in your community. There are countless event options, including winemaker dinners, special tastings, wine pairing events, and wine launches. By creating these events (which are only available to members), the feeling of exclusivity will be solidified.

The last real factor to consider is how you can reach new potential customers that have never tried your wines. We all know how challenging it is to sell wine to individuals who have never tasted it. We have found an essential way to break through that market and reach new customers using referrals from your current customers.

Take a look at The Impact of Referrals on Wine Sales, and use this to promote your wine club. The reward you will reap is uncanny.

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