Increase Your Sales with These 7 Tactics

With millions of wines available in the market today, standing out as a wine brand isn’t easy. And with so much information, initiatives and trends, knowing how to increase wine sales is an intimidating concept. But it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve created a list of tactics to help you with your wine sales techniques and strategies and get your business the boost it needs. So be sure to try out these 7 Tactics to improve your wine sales.

In-House Tactics to Increase Your Wine Sales

If you want to improve your sales in your physical business, consider increasing your wine sales with these 7 tactics.

1. Train Your Staff Well

  • Cost: Low
  • Effort: Medium

Having a team of well-informed, well-trained staff is imperative to your business.

Whether you’re a retail store, a restaurant or a winery; this is important to all businesses in all sectors. The fact of the matter is, staff-members who are trained well sell more wine. It is a wine sales strategy that is missed too often.

In any wine-business environment, the staff should be approachable and knowledgeable enough to make informed recommendations and conversations about the wine. The staff members who are well informed will be more likely to confidently make a recommendation or upsell the wine to the customer.  

Don’t underestimate the power of your staff’s potential to be selling wine like a pro. Teach them to sell the story and not just the wine and watch how this tactic dramatically increases your wine sales.

2. Include Unique Wine Boxes

  • Cost: Medium
  • Effort: Medium

Selling individual bottles or cases of wine to the customers are great, but is something that just about everyone is doing.

To up your wine sales technique, why not offer a box of wine with a little twist? The great thing about this is that you can alter it to resonate with your brand. You can offer special mixed-cased boxes with a unique selection of wines. You can even take it a step further with individual boxes that include your wine with branded wine glasses.

Another option, which a few wineries have tried out this year, is a box of miniature-wines. These small vessels of wine are packed in a beautiful box and allows clients to purchase several of your wines as tasting samples. This can be packaged in whatever size you choose and allow customers to taste your wine before committing to large purchases.

3. Start a Wine Club

  • Cost: Medium
  • Effort: High

A wine club is a must-have for any winery; especially as we move into 2021.

Having a wine club is a great way to secure customer-loyalty with your current clients. It is a way to ensure consistent purchases throughout the year.

Essentially, a thriving wine club offers more than a simple discount on the wine. The club should include exclusive access to new vintages or releases; free delivery or tastings and invitations to private tasting events.

What you choose to include in your club is entirely up to you and your business. But just ensure that your customers feel as though they are part of something more exclusive and unique in order for them to see the value. Powerful software like Troly will help you execute your strategy flawlessly. 

If this is something you’d like to try, here is some more information on why your business needs a wine club.

Online Tactics to Increase Your Wine Sales

Improving your online-sales game has never been more important. With our current situation, more and more individuals are shifting toward online purchases. In fact, an article published by Roire Revolution talks about how E-commerce sales in the US have increased by 50% compared to a year ago.

So be sure you stay engaged with your online customers because they make up for a massive portion of your potential market.

If ever there was a time to get involved in online sales, it’s now! So, whether you’re currently selling wine online or not, here are some wine sales techniques to increase your online wine sales.

4. Share Your Positive Reviews

  • Cost: Low
  • Effort: Low

Online reviews about your business can take your sales to new heights! The reviews section on your social media, on Google, Tripadvisor and similar websites, is an invaluable part of growing your sales.

The statistics show that 90% of consumers will read a review before visiting an establishment, while 88% prefer an online review compared to a personal recommendation. Additionally, 72% of people said that reading a positive review would secure their trust in a business. Who would have thought this would make in on the list of 7 tactics to increasing your wine sales?

Having positive reviews visible on your website and social media is a simple wine selling strategy and an easy way to build trust among customers and potential buyers. Did you know Troly automatically asks for new reviews from your customers?

5. Make Use of Online Marketplaces

  • Cost: Low
  • Effort: Medium

Knowing how to increase wine sales online has proven challenging, with the constant change of the online market and techniques.

One of these techniques includes online marketplaces, which are taking the internet by storm.

Platforms, like Google Products, offer the opportunity to make your wine more visible when someone googles a specific type of wine or similar products. You simply have to upload images (and stock amounts) of your wine to Google Merchant Centre, where it should continuously be updated.

It is essentially free marketing and potential sales, to anyone interested in the exact product that you offer.

6. Offer an efficient Wine Delivery-Service

  • Cost: Medium
  • Effort: Medium

Selling wine like a pro often means that you have to offer your customers the best services and experiences. One of these wine sales techniques includes the addition of a delivery service that delivers quickly and efficiently. When allowing customers the opportunity to purchase wine online, it is crucial to offer a delivery service that does not have your customer waiting days or weeks for their order.

Some wineries have built relationships with local courier services, while others have their own delivery team. Whatever way you decide to deliver the parcels, ensure that you stay ahead and don’t leave your clients waiting. Few things make a lasting impression like efficiency.

7. Paid Social Media Ads

  • Cost: Medium
  • Effort: Medium

The best part about social media was that you were able to promote your business for free, right?

So what is then about paid Facebook Ads that everyone seems to be talking about?

Considering the size of the social media platforms, it is so easy for a business to get lost between all the other noise on these sites. Paid ads are an excellent wine sales strategy to get on board with.

What sets paid advertising apart is that you are able to target a particular group of people. You essentially sift through everyone on social media and just get to your target audience. And compared to other advertising means, Facebook ads are relatively affordable considering how targeted the advertising can be.

Despite all the challenges the industry is currently facing, some wineries have grown exponentially during this time. It is all about knowing the right wines sales strategies, techniques and trends that will help ensure your business stays ahead in the game. So be sure to implement these 7 tactics to increase your wine sales and you will be amazed by the results!


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