3 Ways to Make Your Winery Stand Out

3 ways to make your winery stand out Troly

The wine market is a crowded place where only the loudest voices will be heard. It is a cut-throat industry with more competitors than we would care to have. It is especially hard for small wineries that are forced to compete with major players. So, to survive in this business, you have to find ways for your winery to stand out.

The good news is that more consumers are looking toward boutique wineries and hand-crafted products instead of mass-produced plonk.

But still, your winery has to stand out to make a real impact in the market and leave a lasting impression. If you’re looking to stand out in the crowded market, take a look at these three ways to make your winery stand out.

Create an Unforgettable Experience

Let’s face it: Guests very rarely visit a winery just because of the wine. When guests visit a winery, they are looking for an experience; the whole package.

As more wineries make their way into the market, creating the ultimate experience is more important than ever. When guests have hundreds of wineries to visit and experience, you want to ensure you were memorable in more ways than one.

The knock-on effect of one guest having a great experience will be tremendous. Word of mouth (especially on social media) will allow your business to reap some incredible rewards.

There is an infinite number of things that you can implement in your winery that will give you that edge, and you customize it to your specific needs. However, here are some ideas you can use to create these unforgettable experiences and make your winery stand out:

> Consider creating cellar tours where guests can see the equipment and understand the process. This is often in the form of harvesting and grape stomping.

> Try things like vineyard tours where the guide explains the importance of the soil, sunlight, aspect, etc. Guests love to understand experience these ‘behind the scene’ aspects.

> Have unique tasting options, like chocolate pairings, food pairings, vertical tastings, or comparative tastings. Showcase the many facets of wine by including these unique tastings.

> Allow guests to blend their own wines. This is always great for larger groups as a special activity your winery offers.

Use the Right Imagery to Make Your Winery Stand Out

In one of our previous articles about the Lessons Learnt in 2020, we take an in-depth look at social media’s importance.

We live in the most fast-paced, visual, and instantly-gratifying era. It is crucial that, as a brand, your voice is louder than the rest. And on social media, imagery is your voice.

A lot of this is driven by the millennial market – who are more than likely a large portion of your market. The millennial generation is driven by clean, new, trendy, and interactive content.

So, whether you’re trying to reach your ideal customers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, ensure that you are as visually appealing as you can be. These images you use will be the first impression you have for some – and you want to make sure it lasts.

This imagery use extends to other areas of your business, too – like your labels. With hundreds-of-thousands of wines to compete with every day, having an impactful label is crucial. These labels will increase the likelihood of a sale and create a powerful brand in all aspects of the business.

Expand Your Online Features to Make Your Winery Stand Out

We cannot emphasize enough how important your online business is. It is arguably becoming more important than your physical business.

There has been no greater time to take advantage of online sales opportunities and trends. In an article we wrote about Tactics to increase Your Wine Sales, we mentioned how e-commerce sales in the US have grown by a staggering 50% in a single year. It is becoming increasingly evident that the future is based online; so, it is crucial to get ahead of this trend.

You can do several things to increase your business’s online sector that will give you a great advantage.

Make It Easy for Your Customers to Buy Your Wine from All Devices

If you already have an online shop, ensure the shopping experience is an easy and pleasant one – on all types of devices. If you don’t have an online shop yet, we highly suggest you start one up.

Too many websites are built for a desktop version without considering how many customers purchase wines on a mobile device. In fact, 80% of customers use a smartphone instead of a PC. So don’t limit your business and potential sales by not ensuring your site is mobile-friendly.

Ensure Online Shopping is a Simple Process

One of the best ways to make your winery stand out is by making their shopping experience an easy process. This goes hand-in-hand with having a device-friendly website.

This includes removing all the unnecessary steps that will inhibit your customers from finishing the sale. So with this, ensure that your checkout and payment process is simple and don’t overcomplicate it. Allow the customers to get to their basket and payment section quickly and efficiently.

Also, remove the need for a username and login password by allowing autologin with embedded e-mail links. Technology is incredible and can significantly improve your customers’ online shopping experiences. So there is no better way to make your winery stand out than removing all the fluff from your shopping process.

Have an Easy Booking-System On Your Website

There is a massive shift toward online bookings as opposed to telephonic booking. If your website doesn’t have a user-friendly feature that allows them to make a booking easily, it’s best you get started. It’s not a complicated process to get started and can be done with a free WordPress plugin.

For many, these new additions to their business may seem completely unachievable and hard to grasp. With the help of Troly, however, these steps will be taken care of. Troly is dedicated to helping small wineries in making an impact on the market. Our team will take care of all these minor details that will significantly impact your business.

If you’re new to Troly, be sure to get started with a free trial.

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