2022 Tech Wishlist for Small Producers

It isn’t easy to stand out as a small producer in these modern times. Not only do you need to keep your current customers in mind, but you actively have to seek out new leads and drive sales all at once. For small producers to keep their sales up, it’s essential to look at what the larger companies are doing. And what stands out is that these professionals are leveraging technology in ways that we’ve never seen before.

So to help small businesses get a step ahead, we’ve created a list of must-have tech programs that are being used by some of your competitors. In fact, according to LinkedIn’s State of Sales 2021, 94$ of sales professionals say sales tech tools help them close more deals. So why not invest too?

Business Intelligence & Sales Analytics

Customer success software essentially ensures the customer’s needs are fulfilled when using the product or service. It is about cementing the relationship with the customer to ensure they “achieve success.” There is extreme value in customer success since it will consequently bring revenue and possible repeat sales.

How it works

Customer success software gives businesses a complete breakdown of the customer’s past purchasing behaviors and an estimation of their level of satisfaction. The software creates full customer profiles, captures data, their history, and feedback. In addition, it guides the customer throughout their purchasing cycle and predicts growth or red flags.

Why it’s useful

The software highlights unhappy customers, which sets off certain tasks and improves customers’ retention rates. These types of software can integrate with all your current CRM software, social media platforms, and help-desk software. Essentially this tool enables you to maintain customer satisfaction and ensures the right actions are taken to achieve this.

Marketing Automation & Lead Generation Tools

These tools help buyers seek out a specific business and product, without you having to seek out customers. As a result, these automated tools ensure all your customers and potential customers are reached promptly and receive regular, valuable information.

How it works

These tools allow you to automate your emails, social media posts, and lead generation. The tools will enable a business to personalize the marketing campaigns (both on social media and email). In many cases, these tools take customers through a personalized journey, ensuring that what they see on your homepage or emails are based on their specific requirements.

Why it’s useful

Personalization shifts businesses away from mass-marketing and ensures particular customers with specific needs are targeted well. Customers no longer wanted to be blasted with promotional emails. These tools allow a business to identify the customer’s needs and recommend products or ideas to fulfill that need.

Sales Intelligence

The aim of a sales intelligence is to monitor existing clients and potential prospects to understand them better. It helps a business know precisely what the customer wants, where they can reach them, and when to contact them.

How it works

Sales intelligence gather all the information needed about your contact list, what they purchased and what their digital footprints are. It gives you great insight into exactly who they are, what they’ve done, and what they prefer.

Why it’s useful

By understanding your current and potential customers, you can give them exactly what they want, when they want it. The data you receive through sales intelligence can help you close a deal much quicker since you’re not taking a shot in the dark with what requirements they have.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

In a nutshell, a CRM system manages the relationship between you and the customer. It helps nurture the relationship by tracking information on current customers, enhancing the relationship, improving customer retention, and automating communication.

How it works

The system tracks and stores all information on specific customers. So every request, all feedback, and past purchases are stored here. This ensures that you can personalize the communication to their exact needs every time you communicate with the customer. It also allows businesses to schedule tasks like follow-ups, ensuring no opportunities are missed.

Why it’s useful

Since we’ve highlighted how important personalization is, the CRM systems help you track their personal requests. This increases the rates of repeat sales, as well as the chances of upselling and cross-selling. And, of course, it strengthens the relationship with the customer.


If you’re a small producer looking to improve your business with one or more of these tools, why not try Troly’s for free? We have combined the best tech features to provide businesses with the only technology they need. Some of our best features include:

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  • Warehouse and Stock control systems that sync with your POS and eCommerce.
  • Integration capabilities that ensure you can connect with your current software, like EDM platforms and accounting systems.
  • In addition, we offer an award-winning eCommerce experience.
  • These are only a few of the benefits you can expect, so sign up for our 30-day FREE trial and experience this first hand.

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