Essential Technology to help Small Producers

The digital buying experience consumers expect is evolving. Software platforms and technology like Troly bring new capabilities to small producers, until now mostly available to larger businesses, with dedicated sales & marketing staff.

Today we look at some new features, available in Troly, which are essential to all small businesses to elevate their digital sales, online presence, and digital relationships with customers they may not have met in person.

Automatically identify customers needing attention

Use real-time data to identify customers needing your attention, and allow your team to focus on making the best product and getting it to customers.

Any level of objective, data-driven action will save time and increase sales. Too often, common sense or individual relationships prevail when it comes to which customer needs your attention, and when. Unfortunately, this often leaves a large number of opportunities unattended, and for certain customers to receive attention without converting to a sale.

Troly allows you to better focus your team on the right customers at the right time. Activate numerous reminders for contacting known customers having abandoned a product in their cart, following up with club members not having met their club commitment, or creating a sale campaign for events you have catered for in the last months.

You have limited time. Growing your sales with the same level of effort required targetting the right customer without having to understand each data point in your business.

Already a Troly subscriber? Head over to Tasks and Reminders.

Manage relationships individually, yet run sales in bulk

In this day and age, your team must be able to record important and very individual details about each customer and club member. And yet, they process individual custom sales in bulk.

Every manual task is expensive to a small business, and yet each individual relationship is different and valuable. Troly allows your team to optionally capture customer preferences to individually customize how payments are processed in bulk. Also, what product goes into each custom order created in bulk. Furthermore, how orders are dispatched in bulk, including dozens of time-sensitive individual communications to customers.

Every manual task involved in dispatching hundreds of orders can be eliminated. Your team ensures orders are packed and the correct shipping label is applied, while Troly enforces the correct customer preference and branded are applied.

Already using Troly? Make sure to review Clubs and Incentives as well as customer Profile and Membership.

Ensure highest standards with branded communications

Tell each customer about you, your family, your business, your story, your values, and many more. Every small business must remain in continuous communication with each contact. It is key to provide the information they want to know, over different touchpoints, and over time. This is at the core of your differentiation strategy against the larger brands.

While many e-commerce platforms allow sending a “Thank you for your order” email notification with an invoice attached. However, very few will automatically enable you to seamlessly send marketing material, orders notification, and time-limited promos, all within a single platform.

Troly provides over 60 personalized and context-sensitive notifications. Thus, allowing your business to consistently provide the right information at the right time. As well as directly improving how your customer perceives their relationship with you.

Do you have a Troly account? Check out our Smart Notifications.

Individual communications at your fingertips

There is always a time where you need to personally contact a certain customer. In the old days, small businesses would open their email software such as Outlook or G-Suite, or grab their phone to send a quick text or make a quick call.

Platforms like Troly enable businesses and small teams to be more far more effective. We know that specific customers prefer different communication channels. That’s why these new features are a great addition. We have significantly improved the email and SMS status tracking with direct messaging capabilities.

Businesses using Troly find these tools in the All Customers Dashboard, under each customer Profile, and also under Orders Dashboard.

Configure your sales strategy & placement goals

Small producers spend more time operating rather than planning. For those who do not have the luxury of time, let alone the focus required to work on their business, software platforms like Troly help with data mining and clear reporting on how well operations are aligned with strategy.

The reality is that small businesses operators have to manage sales, marketing, operation, branding and so much more, all at once. Luckily, Troly, like few other smart software platforms, can now automatically analyze sales performance and immediately identify improvements and opportunities for any business to grow in line with their defined strategy.

There’s no need for degrees or strong sales and marketing experience. In a matter of minutes, product placement can be reviewed, customer profiling along with channel mix can be analyzed, and over time, technology will support a business towards its intended positioning. More sales, more volume, and more margins, all within reach.

Clever business owners using Troly clearly define their goals under Product Placement & Sales Strategy.

Work offline for better online interactions

Small businesses can now operate with limited internet access, or almost entirely offline. Even in “western” or developed countries, broadband is not widely available to small producers. This is largely due to the regional positioning of their operation.

Luckily, some technology platforms, aimed at small producers, offer offline capabilities. Keep team and business running smoothly without having to worry about the reliability of your internet connection (or lack thereof!). Businesses used to cloud storage such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive have access to a similar experience in Troly. The details are stored locally, and updated in the cloud, seamlessly when a connection is possible, and data is available offline.

After all, for all intent and purposes, small businesses are operating in the digital age!


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