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We exist to ensure producers stay in control of their brand and inventory, better connect producers with every channel, and enable true supply-chain efficiency.

Small Producers use Troly to Increase their Sales

Wines, Beers & Spirits

Hobby Farms & Speciality Crops

Natural Brews & Craft Cocktails

Artisan Food & Snacks

Winemakers and brewers run clubs, e-commerce, and tasting room sales
Specialty growers unlock markets and online sales using Troly
Brewers prefer Troly to improve their direct sales and shipping capability
Producers increase use e-commerce, subscriptions and shipping

We enable small producers to use the best software to reach every consumer more effectively.

One complete software solution for your sales and distribution needs

Improve your business operations

Manage stock levels across every warehouse
Aggregate customers analytics from all systems
Track Sales Taxes & Shipping Compliance

Increase sales & distribution

Launch rich eCommerce, POS and subscriptions
Distribute to restaurants, small retail and direct
Forecast demand across every channel

From production planning to channel optimization, use a single system to improve multichannel sales and distribution

“Troly does the heavy-lifting while we focus on making a great, unique product”

Alessandro Rinaldi
Winemaker, San Diego

“Troly solves our problem of scaling club subscription sales at an affordable price”

Rusty Wiley
Urban Beekeeper, Montreal

“Troly helps us strengthen relationships with highly personal of customer messages”

Diana Dubois
Organic Farmer, Vermont

Scale your multichannel sales faster with Troly


Smarter Sales and Distribution

Troly handles all your back office wine sales and distribution work so you don’t have to.


Stay in Control

You determine the price and sales channels to best represent your brand in market.

Powered by Real-time Data

Instantly meet customer needs and find new sales channels for your wines.


World Class Training & Support

The Troly team provide all the personal training and support you’ll need.

Build your business sustainably while increasing margins and lowering your environmental costs and footprint.

“Troly turned our ad hoc and very manual club run process into well organised multichannel sales”
Angela Pittman

“With Troly amazing preference tracking feature, we were able to better increase repeat sales within 3 months!”
Frederico Pallini

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