Complicated sales? There's a Simpler way.

Designed and developed by industry actors to make everyday simple, with no need for consultants or developers.

Troly is the only industry-tailored solution offering most of what your sales need, and yet is integrated with hundreds of software partners to run your business effectively, and grow your sales while keeping you in control.

case study

Why Aaliyah choses Troly

Over many months I searched for a software to improve how I sell my products. Something smart enough to look at my few sales and customers to help me with decisions. Also help me act on these decisions.

A simple user-interface is paramount for me. As a pastry chef, I run a boutique chocolate shop, not a software company. I was overwhelmed at first: so many software for eCommerce, Point-of-sales, subscriptions, fulfilment... and all have strengths!

Before Troly I knew one thing: software should help me run sales, not dictate my brand should run.

Designed for niche businesses like mine

Business are all different. But niche businesses, local producers and growers, anyone producing products that are unique have needs in common.

The Troly team is the smartest, and have packaged together features truly valuable for time-poor producers like me.Yet, every time I spend a few minutes in Troly, I learn something new about my business

Access rich features and valuable partners

I need a technology that offers most of what you need out-of-the-box, and one that helps me connect and expand as my business needs change.

Troly benefits from being designed jointly with the industry.

Their trusted network of providers understand and support my region, my brand strategy and meets my customer expectations, effortlessly.

Expand with rich connected software

My husband is my accountant, and forced me to adopt an accounting package from day one. He was also amazed to find out that Troly connects to the accounting system to send daily sales and takings. He now spends less than 1-hour per month making sure bank deposits were received. The rest is automated!

Much like my sister. She helps with social media and email marketing. Quickly she discovered that Troly automatically segments my customers and suggests products to be offered via marketing campaigns. Built-in, and also directly in our email marketing software. She said #wow!

Aliyah Prahan

Chocolatier extraordinaire, café manager, Brussels
EU-BIO certified

the foundation

Align every channel with your Brand & business practices.

Our technology is focused around a few core modules for your business to leverage. These are full-featured, included in all plans, and usage is completely uncapped.

If your brand needs structure, your business needs flexibility, and your time is more valuable making products, you have found your tool.

Improve Brand Perception

Allow your brand to shine before, during, and after every encounter and sales. No need to rely on staff or 3rd parties to represent you accurately.

At every opportunity, communications come from you, using your voice and represent your brand the way you indented it.

Troly works to better represent your brand.

Enrich Customer Data

Wherever you are, using a laptop, phone or tablet, record every details about any customer and count on the fact that the information, when appropriate, is shared with website, point-of-sales, accounting, marketing and so many more systems.

Meanwhile Troly monitors customers sentiment to identify new opportunities for sales and for channels.

Control Product & Sales

Gain control of where and how your products are presented, at what price and with live availability.

Update once, and every channel is notified, and vice-versa: get an alert when a channel doesn't sell as your price.

With Troly, you get to sell your products on your terms.

Easily Capture Revenue

You produce the most outstanding product. Make it easy to get paid.

Each customer segment prefers different payment methods and you need the tools to facilitate many and any means for your business to receive funds.

Supercharge Your Operations

Don't spend your time reconciling sales generated in every channel.

Fulfilment of all sales from every channel, leaving any warehouse should be seamless, tracked, and notified, with the least effort.

Build Loyalty & Advocacy

You need smart technology to make the little things build up to great ambitions.

From clubs, to products with limited availability. From brand discovery to value-add notifications. From social-media to 1-on-1 automated marketing effort.


Brands and products deserve Special shopping experience.

Designed to drive better sales for the brand you wish to present online.

There no point in reinventing ecommerce. But some brands aim for 1-click checkouts, others prefer larger baskets, and some ongoing loyalty with multiple sales. Because different markets, different customer segments, and different online experiences each have a different journey.

Online Outlet for Offline Products

Drive one or many website, selling certain or every product. Just like other channels, you can expect for every purchase to be fulfilled effectively and communicated properly.

From payment options, to shipping, to membership prices and inventory levels, what your brand defines, is extended online.

Choose Your Preferred Software

Inline with our values, Troly integrates with several technology instead of dictating what platform you must use and locking you in.

Because Shopify is good for now, Wordpress is rather powerful, and Square is also pretty slick. We adapt to your choice, even when your business needs must change.

Self-Service Customer Area

Because customers expect a full access to their account. Whether it's to track a purchase being fulfilled, confirm memberships preferences or update payments and shipping details.

Your website with ecommerce is your digital avenue to avoiding an untimely email, unclear voicemail, or cryptic text message.

Upsells, Memberships, & Limited Offers

Leverage every opportunity to drive better sales, inline with your intended brand experience.

Show similar or previously purchased products. Highlight thresholds to free shipping. Suggest membership signup. Show limited inventory, capture pre-release purchases or time-limited offers.


Offer club & memberships to Promote customer loyalty.

Your products present the perfect opportunity to offer early access or exclusive allocation. More than simple "clubs" in mind Troly was designed to help you reinforce how unique, limited, and special your products are.

Allow customers to become members. Allow members to become advocates, and effortlessly run pre-committed or pre-paid sales effortlessly.

Offer exclusive value to most loyal customers

From self-signup to invite-only clubs, track payment methods, preferences and product selection to automate member sales.

Several notifications with ability for members to update their details, upgrade their purchase, and most importantly: make every one feel like you know them personally.

Unlock membership levels with upgrades

Define various levels of commitment to enable sending smart notifications to unlock exclusive rewards.

Track memberships to multiple clubs, with joint memberships, split into pre-payments and most importantly; automatically upgrade (and downgrade) your most loyal customers.

Consistent brand perception with every customer touchpoint

From click-to-confirm, to automated shipment of uncollected orders.

Define how members are expected to purchase from you, and every notification unleashes self-serve.Generate thank you notes, anniversary gifts, personalised info sheets and more.

Make members feel special & exclusive

Members making a custom product selection is merely the beginning.

With staff notes, product tasted, events attended and use previous purchases, you can generate personalised packs , invites, messages and more, leading to measurable increased sales.

Turn members into your best product advocate

Because every group has leaders and advocates, you don't need paid influencers to talk about your products and their experience.

Track referral-based membership signups to automatically reward, upgrade or add your most vocal members to an elite group.

In-person, online, markets and events

Turn every encounter, every sale, and every channel into new opportunities to collect commitment and signup new advocates.

Club membership is automatically promoted and encouraged in at every opportunity, because a "membership signup forms" on your website is just not enough for you.

Use our Free built-in POS system or bring your own!

All plans include a full-featured POS, clubs and subscriptions, shipping and marketing, and ecommerce. No limits on staff, no limit on records, no limit on sales. Easy as 1-2-3.

No card required, no inconvenient sales call or demo - make your own mind!

Know each Customer

Access individual preferences and notes, historical purchases and memberships, so you know every customer like an old friend.

Instantly compare purchases with others and see magically suggests products upsell.

Present each customer with their preferred payment method, including cards securely stored on file for quick access.

Offers & Clubs

Offer special products to special customers, track special events and signups new club members with a single click.

The Troly POS doesn't only show discounts applied but helps your team upsell and suggest the right product to customers.

Track paid or free product samples distributed and help staff turn walk-ins into loyal customers.

Smart Workflows

For order to ship, choose warehouse, packaging details and shipping requirements on the fly.

Build brand credibility with built-in notifications to send timely processing updates, thank you needs and seek feedback on their visit from customers.

INTEGRAted platforms

Systems connected in realtime Enable Unreal Efficiency.

There is always a point where one software is not enough. Other systems have special skills, and your business gains from truly connecting different departments. This means powerful marketing. This means automated accounting. This means seamless deliveries. This means team and KPI tracking.

The earlier you embrace multiple technologies, the sooner you unleash real efficiencies. Troly doesn't just send data back-and-forth. Troly creates better integrated businesses.

True business efficiency

Troly tracks all customer marketing interactions, products, and sales, creating customer insights with extensive datasets.

Actionable insights mean patterns identified directly help boost your marketing.

Sales builds marketing

Troly's robust sales management interface streamlines sales from all channels, offering individual or bulk management aligned with your business processes.

Seamless fulfilment

Troly's advanced architecture streamlines connectivity with your providers, automating data handling and ensuring smooth information flow across your systems.

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Shipping Carriers & 1-click Fulfilment

No need to handle spreadsheets, uploads files to each carrier or flip through pages worth of shipping destinations and prices. Connect directly to your chosen carriers (unlimited) to instantly:

  • Calculate shipping costs for each sale
  • Generate carrier-compliant labels with sender branding
  • Lodge parcel data along with driver collection requests
  • Track parcels, live, all the way to each customer' door
  • Trace your own shipping routes to any drivers

Website & eCommerce

No need to handle spreadsheets, uploads or mail merge anymore. Troly connects directly to your favourite carrier to:

  • Calculate shipping costs for each sale.
  • Customers can track orders to their door.
  • Generate shipping labels with return instructions.
  • Lodge parcel data along with pickup notifications.

Point-Of-Sales and Reservations

No need to handle spreadsheets, uploads or mail merge anymore. Troly connects directly to your favourite carrier to:

  • full customer history, membership, notes and interactions
  • record new members signups and track staff performance
  • connect to card readers and printers
  • track sales from special events, groups,
  • organise orders fulfilment from any warehouse
  • more than cash and cards: offer Samsung+Apple+Google Pay, buy-now-pay-later, crypto currencies, and more
  • designed for businesses who care about customer relationships

Marketing Software and Analytics

Enrich your existing marketing software so that you can better target your efforts based on visits, buyer profile details, customer interactions, VIP details, and so, so much more. Because names and emails are simply not enough!

  • Charge cards individually or in bulk
  • Record card details for your VIPs from every sales channel
  • Allow you VIPs to use their card on file for easy payments
  • Automate notifications and renew cards on expiry
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Secure Payments & Accounting

Irrespective of your chosen provider, Troly ensures your data is handled securely throughout your entire business.

  • Charge cards individually or in bulk
  • Record card details for your VIPs from every sales channel
  • Allow you VIPs to use their card on file for easy payments
  • Automate notifications and renew cards on expiry

Industry Services & Support

No need to handle spreadsheets, uploads or mail merge anymore. Troly connects directly to your favourite carrier to:

  • Access on-demand sales and marketing strategy
  • Design custom product info-sheets
  • Generate fully branded marketing messages
  • Find on-demand specialists to run your club, boost subscriptions sales, manage fulfilment effort when you need it most

Thousands of producers already sell better with Troly.

Discover the most intentionally designed software proven to make time-poor producers succeed in reaching consumers and selling out. Built by the industry, for the industry.

No card required, no inconvenient sales call or demo, no wait!

MORE details

Discover a shortlist of some thousands of features included.

While Troly is continuously built by local businesses like you, our technology already offers more than most require. Our plans offer the best-value for your needs, with enough of everything for selling your niche products at higher prices, higher margins, or both.

Customers & Relationships

Capture any details from every interactions with each customers. From payment preferences, to lifestyle choices and values.

  • Record multiple addresses, payments, memberships and lifestyle choices, including interactions with rich notes
  • Automatically apply individual preferences with every sales
  • Instantly align product marketing campaigns with targeted segments

Also: birthdays, partners, family details, company-wide and team-defined custom fields, multiple contact details, communication preferences, full address validation, multiple payment methods with payment preferences, and more.

Product Inventory

Record every product details and attribute you can imagine, such as production information, marketing attributes and your recommended consumption notes.

  • Define price lists and allocation for unlimited customer segments
  • Track even-driven sales to improve future products design and marketing
  • Seamlessly generate collateral including info sheets, nutrition labels, and more

Subscription Sales

Create clubs and lists of VIPs to track commitment, generate ongoing repeat sales and increase loyalty.

  • Define special pricing on products, shipping and member-only events
  • Create sales in seconds, taking every member preferences in consideration
  • Define private and invite-only clubs, and auto-upgrade (or downgrade) members based on their commitment

So easy: run clubs automatically or manually, allow or disallow pack customisations, automatically send reminders, upsell and track commitment. schedule purchases and record individual preferences, joint members and multiple membership per contact.

AI-Generated Sales

Use your data to seamlessly create personalised marketing at scale, identify product placement opportunities, and ensure your brand-defined sales strategy is tracked and executed well.

  • Send any of 60+ automated direct messages and marketing effort to help customers get to know you
  • Identify new sales opportunities for each product, and new products for your customers base
  • Creatively build or revive relationships to increase repeat sales, as per your brand, and with zero effort

Apps & Extensions

From local markets, associations and small-retail, to global apps, accounting systems and compliance reporting, we connect the right data to the right systems.

  • 1-click to connect industry-leading marketplaces and software
  • Report seamlessly on sales and visitation for accounting or compliance
  • Stay in control of what system is connected and what data is exchanged

Includes: appointments & reservations, team tracking, accounting, online business profiles and marketplaces, direct-messaging via social media, instant notification

Multi-Channel Sales

Record sales wherever you are, in your sleep, simultaneously from direct and indirect channels! You control prices and product details. Troly handles the rest.

  • Use the included Point-of-Sales and eCommerce, or bring your own
  • Connect directly to retail, digital and new in-person channels
  • Easy fulfilment in 1-click, for every channel, every carriers, and every warehouse

Keep in mind some indirect, external, or 3rd party marketplaces do charge a fee for sales generated

Reporting & Reconciliation

Access real-time statistics on all aspects of your funnel, from acquisition to repeat sales

  • Review full earnings and outgoings
  • Track marketing campaign, partners, and staff performance
  • Export all financial details to your accounting package including expected bank deposits from your payment gateways
  • Review financial performance on-demand, year-to-date, year-on-year, and more.

Merchant Tools

Bring together tools to make any small business grow revenue.

  • Charge optional card processing fees
  • Define shipping fees based on weigh, packages, units, destination, and more
  • Track inventory of any packaging material and improve packing details
  • Define unlimited price lists
  • Accept several payment methods to adapt to easily capture every sale

Warehousing & Fulfilment

Configure unlimited warehouses to better fulfil orders based on location and track stock availability for every product

  • Automatically assign orders to different warehouses based on shipping
  • Track warehouse fulfilment operations at every stage of the process
  • Automatically request stocktake based on depletion and schedule
  • Generate complete packing and shipping documentation including personalised "thank you" notes

*1 All features are adapted to and sometimes limited based on your location
*2 Refer to our Product Roadmap and also Working Together to understand which features are currently and soon-to-be worked on. Each brand gets to vote.

Troly adapts to your business needs instead of telling you how your business should run. Bravo!

I looked at many systems. Went too many demos and sales calls. Everything else is prescriptive and forces you sell a certain way, with zero brand differentiation.

Troly helps me use the best technology for my business needs, even when my need changes. Without judgement, without question.

With Troly I decide how I want to run my business, where my products presented and I have granular control over my data across every system my team needs.

A software that works hard for me. 5-stars!

Angie Wang, Australia

Biodynamic & Natural Wines
Queensland, Australia
Troly user since 2016