Seeking easier sales? Look No Further.

Designed and developed by industry players to make everyday simple. No need for consultants or developers. Troly is the only industry-tailored solution integrated with hundreds of partners in one click.

Break the technology barriers to

enjoy a fully-connected business

Use the full-featured Point-of-sales system

Any Apple or Android device suffices to access our customer-centric POS system, tailored towards smaller volume, higher value relationships.


Record your sales wherever you are

Using a phone or tablet you can record sales at any time for staff to pack and ship.

Access a complete customer history

Know every customer like you know your best mate!

Process sales using any payment method

Every sale is recorded for future reporting and profiling.

Apply member prices and benefits seamlessly

All incentives defined once and applied everywhere.

Signup new club members

Seamlessly sign up new wine club members.

Send receipts via email and text messages

Including feedback requests and tracking details, if applicable.

Club sales and integrated order management

You can now manage a single sale, or 500, exactly in the same fashion, enforcing each business rules defined, customer communications and brand details.

Automatically generate orders in bulk

Remember and apply all customer preferences

Unlock the potential behind each member

Leverage advance feature to upsell, enforce minimums, and maximize each sale.

Keep your customer in the loop at each step


Automate the heavy lifting to focus on exceptions

Connecting together all your software to 

help you save time

The most tailored CRM

Troly enables you to track every customer, every interaction, every product, and every sale ever recorded. You record a sale, we build customer intelligence.

Comprehensive datasets allow you to understand customer purchase patterns and target your marketing efforts to supercharge your reach and conversion.

1, 10 or 1,000 sales, in one click

The powerful Troly sales management interface allows you to manage any sale, from every channel, individually or in bulk and according to your business process.

Combined with deep data integrations with numerous vendors, you no longer need to jump back and forth between different systems, Troly will send and receive data automatically.

The most tailored CRM

Troly enables you to track every customer, every interaction, every product, and every sale ever recorded. You record a sale, we build customer intelligence.

Comprehensive datasets allow you to understand customer purchase patterns and target your marketing efforts to supercharge your reach and conversion.


Stop the extra manual labor, integrate!

The modern architecture behind Troly allows your business to be truly connected to every provider. No more manual data handling, reformatting, imports and exports.

Make your data flow seamlessly between your systems.

All the features you need

connected together so your focus stays on your business

Powerful CRM Capabilities

  • Store customer contact information
  • Access customer order history
  • Make it easier to give customers individual attention
  • Create a loyal customer base

Warehouse & Stock Control

  • Stay on top of inventory
  • All sales from e-commerce, POS, wine clubs and more
  • Always know how much inventory you have
  • Improve your inventory by offering sales on overstocked products

Sales Management

  • Make wine club sales easier than ever.
  • No more spreadsheets.
  • No more manual payments.
  • Automated end-to-end club sales.

Integrations with existing software

  • Integrate with your favorite email direct marketing (EDM) platform.
  • Integrate with your accounting software.
  • Connect directly to shipping providers and get automatic label printing and preferred shipping rates.
  • Connect your website, e-commerce, wine club, POS, and more with ease.

Award-winning eCommerce experience, with your brand, truly integrated into each sale


Fully synchronized catalog

Changes made are automatically replicated across all configured platforms, POS and website alike.

Proven technology stack

Over 50% of wineries in California already use the same technology. Is your website ready to be connected?

Member privileges and access

Create unique content, products, and benefits only available to your members.

Forms, maps & social tools

Make sure that every customer looking for your product is able to reach you, whichever the channel.

Integrated Shipping 

No need to handle spreadsheets, uploads or mail merge anymore. Ever! Troly connects directly to your favorite carrier to

 calculate shipping costs for each sale,

  • services available to each customer,
  • generate carrier-compliant shipping labels with customer delivery instructions
  • lodge parcel data along with pickup notifications
  • track parcels on your behalf all the way to the recipient’s door

Integrated Marketing

Troly enriches your marketing software so that you can better target your efforts based on visits, buyer profile details, customer interactions, VIP details, and so, so much more.

Because names and emails are simply not enough!

Integrated Secure Payments

Irrespective of your chosen provider, Troly ensures your data is handled securely throughout your entire business.


  • Charge cards  individually or in bulk
  • Record card details for your VIPs from every sales channel
  • Allow you VIPs to use their card on file for easy payments
  • Automate payments notifications for numerous events
  • Automate notifications and renew cards on expiry


Integrated Website

Make it easy for visitors to place a purchase. Allow your customers and club members to access their purchases, their member benefits. Most importantly have your products, customer records, stock and pricing, orders received and processed, all are automatically 

Integrated Point-of-Sale

Not just any POS. You can now access complete customer history and purchase details at your fingertips. Allow your staff to concentrate on the sale, while Troly ensures

  • your various price points are accessible
  • stock levels are maintained throughout the business
  • shipping fees and configurations are applied correctly
  • all member benefits and club signups available

Integrated Accounting

Time to automatically account for your sales, each day. 

Integrated Emails

No need to

Your comments and ideas are continuously guiding us to create features truly valuable and help your business

Your brand, your clubs

  • Flexible club schedule
  • Member-only prices
  • Minimum order thresholds
  • Member preferences
  • Accrue reward points
  • Card expiry tracking
  • Special birthday offers
  • Brand all communications
  • Dozens of automated messages

Capture your sales

  • Tablet Point of Sales
  • eCommerce & Website
  • Automated Club Sales
  • On-the-go Wine Shows
  • Pop-up Tastings

One-click Pay-Pack-Label-Ship

  • End-to-end club sales notifications
  • Self-serve customer updates
  • One-click to charge all cards
  • Print customized packing slips
  • One-click to print compliant labels
  • One-click multiple-carrier shipping
  • Continuous parcel tracking
  • Post-delivery feedback requests

Reporting & Reconciliation

  • Instant club commitment
  • Period reconciliation of all sales
  • Compare staffs, products and source
  • Reconcile expected bank deposits
  • Automated daily sales reconciliation
  • Transactions and costs of sale

Add-ons & Extensions

  • Credit card surcharge
  • Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Award-winning eCommerce
  • On-charge shipping fees
  • Warehouse & stock control
  • Email summary of all activity
  • Deliveries using a local courier
  • Deeply-integrated email marketing and accounting software

Volume discounts

  • Merchant transaction fees*
  • Warehousing & shipping fees*
  • Professional web services
  • Access to marketing services
  • Additional products and services as available or requested^

Together, everybody wins

  • One simple pricing: you are free to pick and choose any or every module available, in your time and at your pace
  • You may request any new feature, functionality, and enhancements to further improve the platform^

Value-added rich integrations

  • EDMs with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, …
  • Shipping with AusPost, UPS, FastWay, Couriers Please, Fedex, GSO, …
  • Website with WordPress & WooCommerce, Shopify^, SquareSpace^, …
  • Daily sales reconciliation with Xero, QuickBooks^, Freshbooks^, etc..
  • Record customer emails from Gmail, G-Suite, Outlook & Office^, …
*  some available in select markets only,
^ refer to Roadmap and Working Together to understand which features are worked on.