Hundreds of producers with Direct Access to our Partners.

We believe partnerships are the key to reinventing the food & beverage supply and the technology to support it.

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Reduce your costs, expand your reach, and grow your sales

Thousands of SKUs

Troly is the solution of choice for high-quality producers of food and beverages

B2B Marketplace

Offer your products and services to every or targeted producers using Troly

Real-time Stock

Get 24/7 visibility over inventory and sales to increase your business effectiveness

We are the solution of choice for a wide range of high-quality, specialized producers of food and beverages to manage their sales and distribution







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Integrated Shipping 

No need to handle spreadsheets, uploads or mail merge anymore. Ever! Troly connects directly to your favorite carrier to

 calculate shipping costs for each sale,

  • services available to each customer,
  • generate carrier-compliant shipping labels with customer delivery instructions
  • lodge parcel data along with pickup notifications
  • track parcels on your behalf all the way to the recipient’s door

Integrated Marketing

Troly enriches your marketing software so that you can better target your efforts based on visits, buyer profile details, customer interactions, VIP details, and so, so much more.

Because names and emails are simply not enough!

Integrated Secure Payments

Irrespective of your chosen provider, Troly ensures your data is handled securely throughout your entire business.


  • Charge cards  individually or in bulk
  • Record card details for your VIPs from every sales channel
  • Allow you VIPs to use their card on file for easy payments
  • Automate payments notifications for numerous events
  • Automate notifications and renew cards on expiry


Integrated Website

Make it easy for visitors to place a purchase. Allow your customers and club members to access their purchases, their member benefits. Most importantly have your products, customer records, stock and pricing, orders received and processed, all are automatically 

Integrated Point-of-Sale

Not just any POS. You can now access complete customer history and purchase details at your fingertips. Allow your staff to concentrate on the sale, while Troly ensures

  • your various price points are accessible
  • stock levels are maintained throughout the business
  • shipping fees and configurations are applied correctly
  • all member benefits and club signups available

Integrated Accounting

Time to automatically account for your sales, each day. 

Integrated Emails

No need to

One solution to eliminate friction with all F&B producers

Expand reach and grow your sales:

Access each producer you engage with, for real-time stock & sales tracking data
Extend your offering and capabilities with a real-time connection to Troly
Access new and existing clients and be better informed about their business needs
Improve your relationship with producers and gain real-time data for your website