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With millions of options, the best wines are those you experience, those you enjoy and those you wish to share.

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We help consumers find the best producers

We help wineries and producers ship directly to consumers. We help consumers get their hands on the best bottles. We help distributors, restaurants and retailers increase their margins and improve their relationship with producers.

Available in your area

Troly is available to consumers around the globe. When you receive an invitation from a friend, simply click the link to access every wine, spirits and craft beer imaginable.

Orders are placed directly with any producer, guaranteed by Troly and you will be rewarded for sharing your experience with your friends.

You can also request to join the waiting list for your area.

Changing an industry, together and for the better

When you purchase direct from a producer via Troly, you allow them to obtain a better margin for their product and for their family business to survive and thrive.

You also access a product of a higher quality, and at a better price.

Troly uses economies of scale and sharing technology to render all aspects of the transaction and distribution more efficient.