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Company Summary

All-star all-women team share a common passion for high-quality, handcrafted dairy products, including cheeses and fresh milk delivered to customers each week.

With a limited production, cost of sale needs to be kept to a minimum and each customer is their best customer.

Troly has connected together ecommerce, custom subscriptions sales, with transport strategy. Combining in-house with UPS deliveries enabled to reach more customers at a lower price.

Within 4 months, subscriptions more than doubled, allowing for invite-only, time-limited direct sales to become business as usual.

Results with Troly

Measured carbon footprint reduction
Raised sales to 100% pre-committed allocation
Eliminated Excel-based CRM

Features Used

  • Built-in smart carrier selection
    Invite-only member sales with commitment
  • Built-in smart carrier selection
Troly cost

$249 per month, no setup fee.

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