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Company profile

Based in California, the father-and-daughter team produces wines expressing their local terroir, with 5 soil types and 22 microclimates. Producing between 1,800 and 3,000 cases are produced each year, most of the work done by the duo with a few contractors.

Most sales originate from the tasting room, a few local restaurants, and the most important recurrent wine club sales.

A single part-time staff helps run weekend sales at the tasting room, and most of the week is spent coordinating  production, sales fulfilment, stock tracking, and compliance reconciliation work.

Results with Troly

Reduced Software costs by 340$

The business saved on a costly an expansive yet little-used ship compliance software, cut their ongoing website software costs in half, all while providing a better shopping experience to their customers.

Improved staff focus on sales

Within days the team gained a platform with actionable marketing insights. Mondays were spend crafting delicious follow-ups campaigns for visitors, instead of tracking which sales needed to be passed to their warehouse.

Increased reach on social media

Using built-in CRM features, the business was better able to deliver personalized follow-ups and with each customer, showing a 24% increase in social reach with no material changes in normal promotions.


Troly features used
  • Wine Club with member-selected products
  • eCommerce with full member allocation
  • built-in tax and wine shipping compliance
  • CRM tracking with full buyer profiling Troly costs
  • Built-in UPS and FedEx connections
Troly cost

$249 per month, no setup fee.


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