Sales & Distribution for
Sustainable Production

Executive Summary

For the last 8 years, John and Ana have been producing specialty loose leaf teas, numerous ancient grains, and fresh spices. Sales came almost exclusively from the local farmers’ market, and a few restaurants in the region buying directly from them.

In 2020, the micro-farm sales dropped by over 85% leaving few options other than online direct sales directly.

A few well-executed social campaigns allowed to reach previous customers and generate enough word-of-mouth to raise traffic and also sales.

Challenges faced

Limited Sales channels for the business

The small team is focused primarily on production, allowing limited time for sales and distribution.

ecommerce not well adapted

The generic e-commerce solution in place was not well tailored to grow word-of-mouth traffic and sales.

Limited shipping capability

All sales fulfilment was very manual, and the small team faced limited time available to fulfil a few dozen orders, let alone hundreds.

Results with Troly

  • Within 6 weeks the business sales and distribution focused on growing higher-margins sales by 350%, allowing the business to survive.
  • The couple has no intention of ever going back to traditional in-person sales.
Troly features used
  • Built-in referrals and affiliates
  • Bulk shipping of sales in one click
  • Full interstate tax reporting¬†
Troly cost

$249 per month, no setup fee.


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