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Troly is built an maintained by industry enthusiasts. Each of us below local is better, smaller is better, handmade is better.

We also know that being a local producer or small craft business is more work and we keep that in mind with every feature designed in our product.

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Best-suited software to sell wine.

I always knew I was going to take over the family business, but my father warned me: consumers are drinking less wine year after year, so lots of effort would be required. Coming from the world of fin-tech, I knew some technology had to exist to help with sales.

I came across several eCommerce, Point-of-Sale and so-called "Wine Club" solutions that were just not really forward-thinking in my opinion. Until I heard of Troly. A software with a whole different approach.

The traditional 9-5 helpdesks don't work for me

Most package that are twice as expensive offer some 9-5, Monday to Friday support. Unfortunately I'm busy during the day and I need more support after hours, and often long email back-and-forth just become infuriating.

Troly's on-demand support and sales strategy options are flexible, work in my timezone and help me keep my software costs low. I can chat, talk and even meet approved providers when it suits me.

Features designed for boutique businesses

Out of the box, I found several marketing, sales and repeat sales features useful to small wineries with limited production. I feel like I have full control over how our few customers experience our brand.

Change as you wish, and avoid vendor lock-in

The rich integrations with other software mean I can chose which package works best for me today, without fear of what my business will need next year.

I have stopped emailing my warehouse. I no longer deal with manual sales exports or club backups. Each software I connect to Troly immediately gets better and more reliable data, to save me time and improve our brand and operations.

Gaston Laverdiere

Financial Planner turned winemaker
Wahluke Slope, WA


Help independent businesses Grow more loyal customers.

Putting an end to vendor lock-in

New technologies come and go. Consultants, opinions, software, pros-and-cons; each will continue to change over the years.

This is why we connect businesses with the best tools available.

Providing a perfect balance of built-in capabilities, with unlimited extensibility. We believe website checkout experience should be different for each brand. We believe communication style should adapt to each brand.

We believe strong businesses need different software.Because "one-size-fits-all" is not forward-thinking.

Worldwide control of product inventory

Producers we work with do not have the capital, man-power, or enough inventory to place their product in every channel.

Hence we help businesses control communications, product information and own their inventory until a sale takes place. And most importantly control product perception during and after fulfilment.

We know that..

  • the best production methods often do not scale well
  • independent producers need a grip on product presentation
  • the most deserving customers choose the best products

Shine a light on opportunities for sales

There are plenty of customer and sales reporting platforms. But most fail to acknowledge that most producers need insights to be actionable. Because there's no value in knowing your average customer is 54, if you cannot immediately grow this demographic or change it.

For each piece of insight, there needs to be actions available.

This is why Troly is not a marketplace to sell your products, but instead, a software to effectively match your products with the most suited channels available and connected. Keeping you in the driver seat, you approve channels and-or prices, and we do the rest.

Smart technology for smart businesses

Troly is a new software category and we are not afraid to showcase this.

We are..

  • not an ecommerce platform; we augment ecommerce sales
  • not just a POS; we help brands turn walk-ins into repeat sales.
  • more than a marketing software; we make customers buy from you.

Troly pulls together products, sales and customers, and focus on generating the capabilities for independent producers, brands, and businesses to grow stronger sales and better customer relationships.

Our team

Product-centric technical team

Our business runs a unique team structure, with developers, product, and communication specialists located around the world, to better understand different markets and liaise with industries.

Challenge the status quo

Everyone in our team, in every position, was hired based on their ability to challenge conventional wisdom.

We remain an industry-leader thanks to our creativity and ability to adapt rapidly to an ever-changing environment.

Aligned with local industries

Each month, we liaise with a suite of local industry leaders, who review new features and vote to rearrange our development roadmap cohesively with reality.

These Troly expert users, have access to our strategy and product teams and often liaise with local coops and associations to align our technology with future needs of each industry.

Present in 9 timezones

We work with a distributed collaboration model that encourages flexibility and builds accountability for team members.

Our unique management approach is essential to empower everyone to making decisions, and learn from their own mistakes (while others are fast asleep!)

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