Restaurants produce loyalty with Troly.

Leverage technology to help you track trends, make decisions on menu changes, or automate your marketing work for your team to work smarter, not harder.

executive summary

Small local restaurants face a variety of challenges in today's competitive dining scene, including limited marketing budgets, difficulties in acquiring new customers, and the need to retain existing patrons. Technology offers a range of solutions to help these restaurants overcome these challenges and increase their success.

One of the primary challenges for small restaurants is limited marketing budgets. Traditional marketing channels, such as print ads and TV commercials, can be expensive and ineffective for reaching a local audience. Technology provides affordable and targeted marketing options, such as social media advertising, email campaigns, and mobile apps. These tools allow restaurants to reach their target customers with tailored messages and promotions, increasing visibility and driving new business.

Retaining existing customers is crucial for long-term success. Technology can help restaurants build relationships with their patrons through loyalty programs, personalized email campaigns, and social media engagement. These strategies foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat business, ensuring a steady stream of revenue.

technology can be a powerful tool for small local restaurants to overcome the challenges of marketing, customer acquisition, and retention. By utilizing targeted marketing, leveraging online presence, and building customer relationships, restaurants can increase repeat business and fill in more seats, leading to a more successful and sustainable business model.

Hassan Bashar

Vegan cafe owner
Paris, France

The Problems Faced

It seems impossible to make your mark and increase repeat revenue.

Small craft restaurants and cafés often face the challenge of maintaining a consistent and steady stream of customers amidst a competitive and ever-changing dining and technology landscape.

Increasingly high labor costs

Food and labor are the two largest expenses for restaurants. Rising food costs can put a strain on profit margins, and finding and incentivising qualified staff can be difficult.

Reward staff who increase satisfaction

Without changing your front-of-the-house software, Troly enables your team to offer special attentions, and help increase your brand experience for each customer.

Troly seamlessly measure immediate and return customer revenue to track, reward, and train your staff to new levels.

Evolving competition and technology

The industry is competitive, with new restaurants opening and closing all the time. Restaurants not keeping up with online websites and apps see revenue diminish slowly.

Control product placement & costs

Real-time tracking of customers and inventory makes Troly able to identify new sales opportunities for you.

Define your desired sales strategy, goals and milestones, then watch Troly focus your winery sales and marketing.

Changing consumer habits

Restaurants have few tools to stay relevant. This can be challenging, as it requires restaurants to regularly innovate and adapt their menus and marketing strategies.

Understand values & preferences

With Troly at your side, you gain insights on why customers appreciate your food and their experience in your establishment.

Troly continuously monitors and analyses customers reviews and your brand perception, in multiple channels, to clearly identify what makes customers come back and enforce it.

The Solutions Available

# Simple tools boost your winery success beyond the "wine club"

Thousands of winery owners and operators around the world have understood that working smart doesn't mean working hard. Trusting a modern technology enables boutique winery to quickly adapt local markets, and grow their brand equity on their terms.

# Predict upcoming consumer preferences

Consumers are increasingly seeking sustainable, artisanal, and personalized experiences. Local wineries can align themselves with these trends to appeal to discerning wine enthusiasts.

# Discover customer values, lifestyle choices, and track purchase trends

Wineries use Troly to track, behind the scene, why certain customers buy more, why some dropped off, and most importantly how your brand to target, on-demand, triggers turning intentions into a purchase.

# Unleash direct-to-consumer sales

Selling directly to consumers through tasting rooms, online sales, and partnerships with local businesses can bypass the challenges of traditional distribution channels.

# Inventory, pricing and tracking for all

With a technology like Troly your winery can define unlimited clubs, price lists and pre-allocate inventory to any group to ensure best results for your winery.

Some may prefer to focus on growing margins, others chose more volume or less time to sale. Troly enables your defined strategy and goals.

# Turn your brand into an experience

Creating a compelling narrative around the winery's history, philosophy, and the winemaking process can attract wine enthusiasts and build brand loyalty.

# Wine defines word-of-mouth sales

We help your customers be more vocal about their experience with your wines. Like an extension of your team, Troly ensures every customer gets the best version of your brand.

Every glass needs to be spoken of time and time again!

Restaurants and cafés drive better profitability with Troly.

From authentic italian pizza restaurants in Spain to trendy vegan burgers in New York and whole-in-the-wall coffee destination in Melbourne. The smartest restaurant operators use Troly to generate insights, improve marketing to generate better return customers, and more profitable sales.

No card required, no inconvenient sales call or demo, no wait!


# Troly grows wine businesses by creating brand experiences.

Wineries often have limited financial resources, fragmented market access, and difficulty building a strong brand identity, which can be existential obstacles to their survival in the highly competitive wine industry.

# Improve your product pricing strategy

Wineries use Troly to understand why products similar to theirs sell for a better margin.

Based on your customer values and product information, we make you understand price-elasticity and target customers able to pay more.

# Control your product information

From your on-premise tasting experience, to online sales, offsite special events and private gatherings, Troly gives you control over product presentation before and after each sale, then during and after consumption.

Across all channels.

# Track your sales compliance

Track and report on every purchase, destination and customer, from direct sales to importer-enabled sales.

Sales taxes on food versus alcohol; shipping taxes; county taxes; interstate and international shipping compliance; Selling wine was once tricky. Then came Troly.

# Be more than "Wine Clubs"

Wineries use Troly to drive a modern and more adaptable subscription business. Because boring wine clubs have existed and remained unchanged for over 30 years.

From pre-allocations, upgrades and downgrades, exclusive invite-only offers, tracking of loyalty points, regular pre-payments, and individual loyalty to one or several subscription offered by your business.