Restaurant creates food loyalty with Troly

Leveraging technology can help you track trends and make decisions on menu changes. Vegan café owner Hassan Bashar has automated his direct marketing effort, and built stronger relationships with customers.

The Challenge
Finding time to build brand awareness while running a busy business.

Working ON the business and not IN the business is nigh-on impossible for small local eateries. The competitive dining scene coupled with sourcing and staffing challenges, can quickly push branding and marketing off Hassan's to-do list.

  • Limited brand and marketing know-how leads to missed opportunities
  • Traditional and social media marketing are costly and can be damaging if done badly
  • After-sale relationships with customers are almost impossible to manage

The Solution
Existing customer retention is the key to long-term success.

Smart technology is a powerful tool for restaurants to overcome the challenges of marketing, customer acquisition, and retention. Engaging with patrons when they're not dining encourages repeat business, ensuring a steady stream of revenue. As your popularity grows, so does the average spend per guest.

  • Improved marketing increases awareness of what makes your business unique
  • Incentivising repeat custom creates a positive atmosphere for fresh walk-ins
  • Rewarding loyalty grows a network of willing ambassadors for your brand

Hassan Bashar

Vegan cafe owner
Paris, France

The Problems Faced

Impossible to make your mark and grow predictable revenue.

Small craft restaurants and cafés often face the challenge of maintaining a consistent and steady stream of customers amidst a competitive and ever-changing dining and technology landscape.

Problems you face

Solution by Troly

Increasingly high labor costs

Food and labor are the two largest expenses for restaurants. Rising food costs can put a strain on profit margins, and finding and incentivising qualified staff can be difficult.

Reward staff who increase satisfaction

Without changing your front-of-the-house software, Troly enables your team to offer special attentions, and help increase your brand experience for each customer.

Troly seamlessly measure immediate and return customer revenue to track, reward, and train your staff to new levels.

Evolving competition and technology

The industry is competitive, with new restaurants opening and closing all the time. Restaurants not keeping up with online websites and apps see revenue diminish slowly.

Control product placement & costs

Real-time tracking of customers and inventory makes Troly able to identify new sales opportunities for you.

Define your desired sales strategy, goals and milestones, then watch Troly focus your winery sales and marketing.

Changing consumer habits

Restaurants have few tools to stay relevant. This can be challenging, as it requires restaurants to regularly innovate and adapt their menus and marketing strategies.

Understand values & preferences

With Troly at your side, you gain insights on why customers appreciate your food and their experience in your establishment.

Troly continuously monitors and analyses customers reviews and your brand perception, in multiple channels, to clearly identify what makes customers come back and enforce it.

The Solutions Available

Restaurants are best positioned to turn food into memories

Thousands of winery owners and operators around the world have understood that working smart doesn't mean working hard. Trusting a modern technology enables boutique winery to quickly adapt local markets, and grow their brand equity on their terms.

Your goals

How Troly helps

A little knowledge about customers goes a long way

Using a customer's name is powerful, but capturing a customer's name and having staff to greet this customer by name, will move mountains.

Capture customer values, lifestyle choices, and build purchase trends

Restaurants connecting Troly to their own point-of-sales instantly become capable of effortlessly recording important details about each customer. From name, to lifestyle values, live events, and more.

Some customers buy more, others drop off, but most importantly, Troly surfaces why customers return with tools to building more reliable repeat sales.

Turn dining-room experiences into memories worth re-living

Instantly create memories by using simple communication and marketing strategies to remind customers of their previous visit. Then get them to talk about it.

Automated workflows build repeatable brand discovery

With Troly restaurants automate the process of follow-up communications with customers. Beyond marketing, this is builds relationships.

No need for large scale advertising and marketing campaigns. Troly take care of sending sends timely and effective messages, tailored to each customer.

Use loyalty to grow subscriptions revenue from customers

Use your average spend per guest to offer prepaid, or pre-committed future sales, to a group of exclusive customers, and track their commitment leading to upgrades and incentives.

Track and grow loyalty with Troly

Some prefer starting with loyalty cards, others require a pre-scheduled purchase commitment, or even pre-payment. You decide, and let Troly drive.

Membership features in Troly go beyond tracking loyal customers and automates reminders to customers, profiling of customers, and seamlessly drives up the loyalty towards your establishment.

Restaurants and cafés drive better profitability with Troly.

From authentic italian pizza restaurants in Spain to trendy vegan burgers in New York and whole-in-the-wall coffee destination in Melbourne. The smartest restaurant operators use Troly to generate insights, improve marketing to generate better return customers, and more profitable margins.

No card required, no inconvenient sales call or demo, no wait!


Pushing experiencesbeyond the dining room.

Turning cashflow into predictable income and margins for restaurants is a simple affair when using the right technology. At the heart of every restaurant is Food, and a vast majority of memories we have are around food. With effortless post-dining messaging restaurants turn a simpe dine-in experience into new word-of-mouth sales.

Redefines what is means to Know Your Customer

Restaurants using Troly understand how even just a first name goes a long way. They elevate their relationship with each customer irrespective of staff experience.

Simply put, they build brand equity with actionable knowledge about your customer base.

Automate direct-to-customers communications and sales

Thanks to the smart technology in Troly, restaurants magically send personal messages to every customer, on-demand or automatically.

Ensuring their brand is top-of-mind with each customer contributes to making their marketing more effective, and most importantly generates a more positive brand perception, with zero effort.

Build loyalty and repeat sales

Continuously focused on daily operations and food quality, restaurants leverage tools available in Troly to nudge customers to return, and then return more regularly.

Because people need to eat! And because social media has become somewhat too generic and not personal enough to truly move the. needle

Turn commitments into margins

Recent years have exposed how each restaurant has unexploited potential. From home deliveries, to take-home meal kits, classes and digital-sales.

Troly bundles the tools required by local restaurants to signup, track and automate the operation of subscriptions of any kind.

Within weeks restaurants build on-demand revenue and leverage the exclusivity to increase subscription uptake and business margins.