How to make wine sales flow with Troly

The use of smart software technology, designed by the industry, has helped Alondra Velasquez and her son Diego turn their struggling winery into a regional champion

The Challenge
How to overcome the limitations of being an independent winery

Many producers run businesses in remote areas. Faced with limited production capacity, insufficient marketing resources, and struggling with the complexities of distribution channels, it was easy for the Velasquezes to become overwhelmed.

  • Limited access to resources, including capital, capacity and time
  • Fragmented business model made differentiation difficult and confused customers
  • Product and brand reputation required a major overhaul

The Solution
Smart software choices can increase the viability and ease of running a wine business.

Branding plays a crucial role in differentiating a small winery from its competitors and attracting a loyal customer base. Having a distinctive visual identity, a compelling brand story, and consistently communicating your brand values are essential steps in building brand recognition and trust.

Using Troly, the Valsquezes were able to easily get their business back on track by;

  • Customising products based on unique customer insights
  • Leveraging repeat sales driven by exclusivity, word-of-mouth and loyalty
  • Transforming a one-off purchase into a happy experience
Alondra and Diego Velasquez

Third and fourth generation Mescalero,
Hidalgo County, New Mexico

The Problems Faced

Creating a strong identity for your wine business is no mean feat

Wineries often have limited financial resources, fragmented market access, and subsequently find it difficult to build a strong brand image. Collectively these can threaten their survival in the competitive world of wine.

Common problems

How Troly helps

Limited resources restrict growth

A local producer's facility to invest in marketing, distribution, and technology is often limited when compared to larger producers, which can hinder their ability to compete.

Task automation boosts productivity

From marketing to fulfilment, you can automate the majority of your repetitive sales tasks with Troly, allowing you and your team to focus on activities that will add value to your business.

Fragmented markets are complicated

Limited access to major distribution channels and retail outlets, can make it very challenging for smaller businesses to reach wider audiences.

Simplified strategies encourage sales

Real-time tracking of customers and inventory allows Troly to identify new sales opportunities for you.

Define your desired sales strategy, goals and milestones, then watch as Troly refines your winery sales and marketing.

Brand recognition takes time

Building a strong brand identity and achieving recognition can be a challenge for local wineries, especially in highly competitive markets.

Elevate your brand to new heights

Troly was designed to help wineries increase word-of-mouth sales and appreciation for your products.

As well as presenting statistics, Troly will take direct action for you. From brand communications to customer satisfaction tracking, our software proactively helps you to grow.

MULTIPLE Solutions

There’s a multitude of options beyond just ‘wine clubs’

Winery owners and operators around the world understand that working smarter doesn't mean working harder. Trusting modern technology can enables a boutique business to quickly adapt to local markets, and grow their brand equity on their own terms.

Common goals

How Troly helps

Predict upcoming consumer preferences

Consumers are increasingly seeking sustainable, artisanal, and personalized experiences. Local wineries can align themselves with these trends to appeal to discerning wine enthusiasts.

Discover customer values, lifestyle choices, and track purchase trends

Wineries use Troly to track, behind the scene, why certain customers buy more, why some dropped off, and most importantly how your brand to target, on-demand, triggers turning intentions into a purchase.

Unleash direct-to-consumer sales

Selling directly to consumers through tasting rooms, online sales, and partnerships with local businesses can bypass the challenges of traditional distribution channels.

Inventory, pricing and tracking for all

With a technology like Troly your winery can define unlimited clubs, price lists and pre-allocate inventory to any group to ensure best results for your winery.

Choose to focus on growing margins, or sell more volume. Troly enables your defined strategy and goals.

Turn your brand into an experience

Creating a compelling narrative around the winery's history, philosophy, and the winemaking process can attract wine enthusiasts and build brand loyalty.

Wine IS word-of-mouth sales

We help your customers be more vocal about their experience with your wines. Like an extension of your team, Troly ensures every customer gets the best version of your brand.

Every glass needs to be spoken of time and time again!

Winemakers worldwide are growing sales & brand equity.

From Australia, to France, Italy and California, the smartest winemakers use Troly to elevate their brand, automate their operations, and reclaim time to spend where it matters most to them.

No card required, no inconvenient sales call or demo, no wait!


Good wine businesses arecreating life experiences.

Wineries often have limited financial resources, fragmented market access, and difficulty building a strong brand identity, which can be existential obstacles to their survival in the highly competitive wine industry.

Better product pricing strategy

Using Troly the get a better understanding of why products similar to theirs sell for a better margin Diego improved profitability simply by answering a few yes-no questions.

Based on measured customer values and product information, he can better understand price-elasticity and target customers able to pay more.

Improved product information

Following years of struggles, Alondra now controls product information for on-premise tasting experience, to online sales, offsite special events and private gatherings.

Seamlessly and across all channels, Troly has given her control over product details, presentation before and after each sale, then during and after consumption.

Track their sales compliance

With automatic tracking and reporting on every purchase, destination and customer, from direct sales to importer-enabled sales, Alondra saves time with accurate reports.

Including sales taxes for their food versus alcohol; shipping taxes; county taxes; interstate and international shipping compliance; Selling wine was once tricky. Then came Troly.

Running more than "Wine Clubs"

Boring wine clubs have existed and remained unchanged for over 30 years. Using Troly Diego has increased uptake and commitment, while reducing club churn. Offering a flexible subscription provides his family's winery more predictable on-demand revenue stream.

From pre-allocations, to upgrades and downgrades, to exclusive invite-only offers, and tracking of loyalty points, pre-payments and individual commitment. Drive better club sales starting today.