With clear agreements
come solid relationships!

For the love of great food, goods and beverages, let’s take a minute to set a clean slate. And please the lawyers.

We value working together, so all of this should be straight forward. We focus on making your business run smoothly. Not selling your data, not locking you in, not charging unfair fees.

case study

Why Yuko chose Troly

After launching a new style of blue cheese, order started to grow in volume. While the website could handle new orders, the business could not. Yoku had little understanding of price-elasticy and customer loyalty and needed the best tool to drive this for her.

All she was concerned for is data protection, privacy and most importantly, data ownership. She wanted nothing to do with software reading and using her customer data.

Not selling, not sharing, not monetising your data

After reading the Troly terms, data ownership became clear to her. What is yours, remain yours. You are using our smart software infrastructure for a price, with zero clause or condition for Troly to use your data.

Peace of mind while she heads out on holiday

No need to be a technology expert, Troly uses best-in-class methodology and practices so that your data is protected and this protection is monitored.

Yuko Granger

Joined the dairy family business after a law degree
Cheesemaker, Certified Made-in-Australia


Working with Troly is easy

The following sections help you better understand the terms

Just a software

We provide a software for a cost.

  • Month-to-month commitment with annual discounts
  • With your permission we engage with customers on behalf of your brand, and none other.
  • You respect the purpose of our software: selling legitimate goods or services.

Not sharing any data

Very simply: we do not share or sell.

  • Data your put in is yours. You own it and we have no rights over it.
  • We do not no cross-sell products or data between businesses using Troly.
  • We do not share business information with our providers either.