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Troly is the only industry-tailored solution integrated with hundreds of partners in one click. Designed and developed by industry players to make everyday simple, with no need for consultants or developers.

Alondra & Diego drive club subscription sales with Troly

My mother wasn't so sure adopting a new software would really help the business. Finding new customers had always taken lots of effort and it seemed technology just couldn't solve this in her experience. I promised to start small, and find something that could adapt with the business growth.

While my research for a software seemingly led nowhere, I was very happy that I persevered and found Troly. The software helps us make our business more effective, which in itself is hugely valuable. Troly was built using a different mindset, and is truly adaptable to different business model. Amazing.

Start in minutes with the easiest user interface

Troly is different and gradually reveals new tricks and capabilities. I don't have to be the "tech guy" anymore and everyone (even my mother) finds it friendly and super easy to use.

After trying several software, Troly gets a 5-star review from us.

New team members love this system

We have found that using a powerful software like Troly helps unleash and motivate new team members.

Each appreciates not getting stuck in tedious data manipulation and love the capabilities we can rely on.

On-demand, software and sales support

One aspect that matters to us is cost. Troly compares to software 3-4x more expensive because they don't automatically charge for support we don't need. The platform is well documented, the community very helpful and supportive, and if we need expert advice, it's also available on-demand.

Why pay for support when you don't need it? I'm glad we were able to lower our software bill and became much more self-sufficient in the process.

Alondra and son Diego Velasquez

3rd and 4th generation mescaleros
Hidalgo County, New Mexico

easy as 1, 2, 3

Simpler than others, you will process sales in 5 mins flat!

Surprisingly it only takes a few minutes to start improving your sales and distribution. Designer by producers like you, Troly arranges your data does most of the heavy-lifting for you. Within minutes, you're ready to showcase your story and products where it matters.


Create your account and what you wish to sell

No card required, no need to wait for a demo, you're immediately good to go and only have 3 questions to answer.

You are also guaranteed to feel much better after seeing how independence and capable you really are!


Connect your systems to define sales goals

No laborious manual data input or configuration. Just connect existing systems you use and Troly will be automatically pre-configured for you.

Then you'll confirm your brand strategy and within minutes Troly magically populates your customers, products and new opportunities.


Sit back and enjoy sales opportunities identified

Behind the scene, Troly then begins correlating your data and strategy to formulate coherent actions for your approval.

Meanwhile, you can also add further configuration such as multiple carriers, offer multiple payment methods, and connect several new sales channels.

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