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Every plan includes every feature, unlimited customers, sales and transactions. Our pricing is built for businesses of all sizes. 

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$49 per month

+3% of successful sales
  • All features
  • Unlimited everything
  • Support options


$149 per month

$179 per month

+2% of successful sales
  • All features
  • Unlimited everything
  • Support options


$249 per month

$289 per month

+1% of successful sales
  • All features
  • Unlimited everything
  • Support options
Access all features..
  • Point-of-Sales system
  • Clubs & Subscriptions
  • Online eCommerce
  • Customer Preferences
  • Marketing Automations
  • Support & Documentation
and unlimited everything
  • Unlimited Contacts, Products, Members
  • Unlimited Staffs with permissions
  • Unlimited Buyer insights tracking
  • Unlimited Customer email and sms notifications 
  • Unlimited Software integrations
  • Tasks & Sales opportunities

(no setup fees, no card needed)

What’s included

Get 100+ unique features out of the box with Troly’s simple pricing.

Unified sales dashboard

  • Ensure fulfilment priority
  • Track intent to delivery in real-time
  • Instant warnings for bottlenecks

Connected sales

  • Connected website and POS
  • Access new marketplaces
  • Control prices and inventory

Know your customers

  • Record notes and preferences
  • AI-driven buyer profile tracking
  • Highly personal messaging in bulk

Brand marketing tools

  • Product and event marketing material
  • QR-codes and compliance tracking
  • Curated and dynamic product promos

Secure payments

  • Choose your own currency
  • Optional premium card surcharge
  • Fast, global payouts

Clubs & Subscriptions

  • Track customer preferences
  • Provide exclusives upgrades
  • Members-only products and sales

Control your stock

  • Track inventory in every location
  • Depletion tracking with flash-sales
  • Smart sales routing for better shipping

Real-time reporting

  • Full tracking of revenues and costs
  • Staffs, campaigns, warehouses analysis
  • Grow repeat sales & club profitability

1-click shipping

  • Live selection of best carrier
  • Track sales from payment to delivery
  • Fully branded customer notifications

Online sales

  • Choose your e-commerce software
  • No-maintenance website sales
  • Track intent, convert to sale & upsell

Channel placement

  • Control product details and pricing
  • Smart product-channel matching
  • Connect 3rd party channels in 1-click

Secure access

  • Invite unlimited staff and consultants
  • Secure access with permissions
  • Audit all changes made by users
Move faster with

Integrated business systems.

Because with Troly, all plans include integration with 100+ industry partners at no extra cost to you.

Be ready to

Enjoy smart capabilities.

Continuously developed in collaboration with everyday users, Troly is the most user-focused platform with the smoothest adoption curve.


Comprehensive Task-Driven CRM

Automatically track valuable information about all contacts in your business, customers preferences and club members allocations, to better understand each relationship and effortlessly increase brand awareness

Flexible Stock and Price Control

Keep control over your product information across every channel, track stock levels across multiple warehouse locations, and define your pricing structure across all channels: direct, retail, VIP and volume-based

Connect POS and eCommerce

Have your Point of Sales, eCommerce, Club Subscriptions, retail and wholesale sales in a single, simple software to improve fulfilment efficiency, and use customer notifications to exceed your brand expectations

Sales Management and Compliance Tracking

Access advance compliance tracking capability and indicator for each customer, in any geography, for every type of product, and automatically enable regular reporting to regulatory bodies or government agencies

Improve Brand and Customer Relationships

Configure your brand identity, product information, sales and shipping strategy across every channel, and seamlessly generate best-of-breed communications and sales effort in your business

One-Click Shipping via multiple Carriers

Allow your team to seamlessly access various shipping rates, fully branded packing lists, carrier-compliant shipping labels, and advanced shipping documentation, all in a single click, using a simple user interface

Access New Sales Channels

Define where and how your products should be promoted, how shipping should be charged for each channel and sales volume, and use our sales analytics tools to unlock better margins and business opportunities

Advanced Business Systems

Unlock full control over your business data by enabling a live connection to advanced business systems in use by your business, such as Accounting, Warehouse Management and more

Premium Support & Sales Coordination

Ask our team to step in and help you maximize platform configuration, systems integrations, boost your ongoing sales operations, and coordinate milestones to reaching your sales goals. Available for a low monthly fee

Training, Community, and Industry Networking

Access our FREE instructor-led training, community events, connect with industry partners and providers in your area and around the world to unlock new opportunities and learn about different new and initiatives

Premium Support & Sales Coordination

Clarify your strategy and focus your business on better margins and brand recognition. With a sales coordination package you work with a local industry expert to better understand how to reach your sales goals.

Supported by our technology, your team manages ongoing execution, and progress tracked and reviewed on a monthly basis.

Designed specifically for small producers with limited representation, marketing or technology capabilities.

Training & Support

You and your team have full access to training and live support options

Turn-key solution

Start configuring your own business today, or get industry experts to help

Fixed-Price Customizations

Connect any software and unlock bespoke features inline with business needs

Let’s answer a few

Questions you may have.


How much work is involved in migrating my data?

There are no, or very little migration work. Troly is a technology able to connect to your existing business software. You don’t need to “import your data”, we automatically retrieve it when you enable any apps in the marketplace.

Starting from scratch? You can also easily connect to Google, Office 365 documents.

Can you connect new software systems?

Yes we can, granted the other system is capable of being connected to. We charge a flat fee for this work, and if the system is requested by other platform users, then it’s free.

What if I need a new feature?

Troly is continuously designed collaboratively with active platform users. Your feedback and requests for new features are documented and scheduled for development.

If you wish to sponsor a feature, a small fixed fee will ensure a more rapid development and release.

How much training do I need for my team?

Very little. Troly uses modern design patterns to ensure rapid adoption and simple everyday usage. Further to this, the platform is structured by operational module, so all information you need is always at your fingertips.

Further to this, the tools are introduced to each team member individually, step-by-step and when needed.

We are proud to have been named the most user-friendly software in the industry.

How much control and configuration access do I get?

Every tool implemented in Troly can be turned off and configured to your brand. The platform can be made fully passive or active, and everything in between.

Each tool can be configured to be completely transparent to your customers, and passively receive sales to be processed manually. 

Additionally, tools can be configured to automate a large number of operations, to actively seek sales and send full notifications, based on the sales target you have defined,