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Bring together the tools you need to run your business and manage your brand the way you intended it to be.

From Troly puts you in the driving seat. subscriptions to direct-to-customer (DTC) sales, eCommerce, small-retail and other apps.

Instead of having multiple software demand more time from you, we help you improve your products, customers, and sales across every software. Not so simple? Yes it is.

Helping us sell to those who most appreciate our products.

Brad and I met in veterinary school. For 8 years we learnt everything from his mum and dad, and soon took over family farm. Raising healthy free-range chickens was never negotiable. But selling them at a price to cover our cost, seemed impossible.

We needed to be smart, and sell to customers who see increased the value of our product.

Armed with a good ability to poke around and make our own opinion of a piece of software, we started looking for more than the traditional Point-of-sale and e-Commerce.

Troly helps me find which customers would pay more

In this world of AI-this and generated-that, it seemed impossible that we would need to review sales to understand which customers to talk to and how to talk to them.

Troly matches every product details, reviews and inventory with customer habits, sentiment and their decision-making values to identify what triggers new sales. From a list of ready-to-go sales "opportunities", just review and approve the messaging to watch sales come in. As a former marketer, I'm in love!

Sell unique product with greater margins

This software helps us identify where to focus and why, and brings us to question our own assumptions that were never truly challenged.

We have never had the time to be on top of our business. Now with Troly we don't even need to be.

More than direct sales

Brad thought eCommerce software is all we needed, until we discovered subscription software, and then there was Troly. A class of it's own.

It handle every sale well individually or in bulk, online and offline, and really shines by completely eliminating repetitive tasks and definitely elevates our brand.

Sally and Brad Finklemeyer

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria
Certified Free-range chicken farmers


Eradicate repetitive tasks and focus on products & margins.

You're in the driver seat. Better margins? Sold more quickly? Moving more volume?

As much or as little production you may have, the secret sauce is putting your product in the most suited channel without lifting a finger. With Troly you reduce sales and marketing effort, completely automating most tasks, and save time.

Control product details, pricing and channel-mix

Create a single source of truth for availability, pricing, and company details, across all channels, events, campaigns and segments.

  • Maintain presentation, information and prices for all channels, using one tool
  • Learn about your customer values to better design new product lines
  • Access built-in marketing material to better feature every product

Make fulfilment more effective & sales-generating

Sale from every channel is fulfilled using our award-winning 1-click interface, and improves customer communications behind the scene.

  • Your brand shines -not 3rd parties- with all updates and notifications
  • Automatically track national and international shipping compliance
  • Lower shipping costs with unlimited warehouses and multi-carriers

Boost repeat sales & increase engagement with your brand

Define your strategy, voice and experience. Then let the technology automatically work its magic.

  • Suggest meaningful upsells and offers to customers based on more than price
  • Leverage over 100 automated customer touch-points to make your brand shine
  • Advanced natural language processing and artificial intelligence to make customers feel unique and have an exclusive relationship with your brand
Compliance & Fulfilment

Track all sales, stock and fulfilment, in one tool.

The only tool designed for producers like you, to reduce effort to fulfil orders, and simultaneously improve your control over your stock and your brand.

1-click fulfilment with real-time tracking

Send customers timely shipping updates, and fully branded notifications, in real-time. Our award-winning interface allows you to process 1 or 500 orders in no time, based on your priorities.

Smart multi-channel sales

Troly tracks inventory across unlimited stock locations, using any e-commerce and point-of-sale software, to surface smart warnings and opportunities.

Stock and Accounting

Report all sales directly in your accounting system. Gone are the days where you had to call a your warehouse team or distributor to check on inventory for sell, and sales figures.

Seamless Marketing and Campaign Tracking

Learn how successful your campaigns are with built-in ability to build a smart buyer profile for all contacts, across all channels.


How to control your inventory while promoting each product.

Because your inventory is often limited, distribution and product placement cannot use a traditional approach. Troly connects your brand and stock to existing and new channels. Start with ecommerce and point-of-sale (POS).

Then, based on your strategy, Troly identifies opportunities to improve sales. Easy as 1-2-3.


Direct: Online, on-premise, targeted events & markets

Make sure any customer wanting to buy from you can do so easily.

From online subscriptions to pre-paid purchases to collect, you define payment methods, connect channels and let Troly do the rest.


Indirect: marketplaces and channels, for your brand

When your strategy includes new market development through 3rd parties, with Troly it's just as easy.

We suggest and connect to channels that work for product and strategy, while you remain in full control of your stock.


Learn from customers to design new products

Troly ensures all customer data is aggregated, and seamlessly follows you everywhere you go and in connected software.

Data is then turned into actionable information for you to understand why customers by from you and which products they prefer.

Customer experience

Showcase your brand
the way you intended it.

From brand and product awareness, to product consumption, and repeat sales, Troly ensures you brand is communicated and represented as you see fit. Additionally, with Troly each customer will always be kept in the loop and communicated to reliably.

Don't rely on UPS, DHL or Aramex to send notifications. Instead, count on Troly to automatically run fully branded communications to customers.

Make customer feel special at zero effort for your team

With Troly you understand customer values, lifestyle and how various segments generate different sales.

  • Track customers with AI tools learning more than age, location and gender
  • Automatically analyse every interactions to identify opportunities with customers
  • Capture any notes to ensure sales and membership sales are perfectly tailored

Enable repeat sales and pre-committed memberships

Turn your customers into repeatable revenue with VIP clubs and subscriptions sales

  • Define clubs, commitment, tweak rewards and automate ongoing member sales
  • Create member-exclusive offers, products and events with limited availability
  • Track commitment and enable invite-only offer, upgrades and pre-release

Reward new word-of-mouth sales from natural influencers

You can reward any customers for talking about your brand and products, and generate sales.

  • Track of referral-sales across channels
  • Define a reward scheme with the most flexibility; points, discounts, offers, expiry are all automatically tracked.
  • Discover how referrals, affiliate talk about your product to target your marketing

Reduce effort to improve brand communications and marketing

With Troly, your brand comes first.

  • Access 80 fully-automated touch-points to promote your story, products and brand
  • Messaging using customer-preferred channels; SMS, email, even social DMs
  • Communicate beyond expectations to impress every customers when they expect it least.

Start to improve your sales, hassle-free with troly.

Use a smart technology, tailored for producers like you, to operate your business more effectively and better focus on products and sales that matter.

No card needed, instant activation.