Your products are Worth more on Troly.

Troly brings together the tools needed to run your stock, sales and brand the way intend it.

Companies use Troly to increase brand awareness, customer retention and effortlessly control product placement across every channel you choose.

Troly farmer tips

Saskia and Felipe, artisan bread makers in Chicago

Technology platform to

Help manage your stock and Focus on Margins.

As much or as little production you have, the secret sauce is in placing your product in the most suited channel.

Get a higher price. Sell more rapidly. Move more volume.


Maintain stock levels and brand information

Create a single source of truth for availability, pricing, and company details.

  • update your products in bulk
  • track experimental product lines
  • use built-in marketing material


Define channels, allocation and pricing

Run your website, subscriptions, Point-of-Sale, or any retail and wholesale apps.

  • inventory sync’d across channels
  • customers & order details retrieved
  • promote your brand with every sale


Increase repeat sales and start growing margins

Our technology guides through opportunities for improved sales.

  • grow subscriptions sales
  • boot word-of-mouth referrals
  • smart sales opportunities


Improve your sales, painlessly.

Get up and running today.
Troly supports you to

Sell any handcrafted products.

Producers of small-batch goods, foods and beverages use Troly to grow product awareness, channel placement, and make high-margin direct sales more effective.

Farm managers Alejandra and Shaniqua

Hobby farms and specialty crops’ growers generate year-round income.

CSA allocations and farmer’s markets are only the beginning. Using Troly enables to better communicate their story with consumers and generate revenue in the middle of winter, using direct subscription, affiliate-referrals reward capabilities, and additional farm-crafted products.

Wineries, distilleries and breweries
Offer exclusive club Membership.

In the beginning there were wine clubs. Today, wineries use members-only offers and reward tracking to sell-out year after year, using only word-of-mouth, and Troly to track and reward members. Having heavily personalised 1-on-1 communications allow businesses to better focus it matters.

Sara and daughter Amelia, with father-winemaker Wolfgang

Speciality drinks  and snacks producers Reach consumers more effectively.

Business partners Andrew, Dajonte and Sundeep

Craft beers and speciality beverage producers use Troly to organically grow awareness, recurrent sales and manage orders from different channels.

Website sales are great. Tasting room sales are great. Subscription sales are great. Troly takes it all together and supercharges fulfilment, and customer profile tracking.


3rd generation dairy farmer, Celine with husband, Jim

Farmers and specialty crops growers
Launch and sell new products.

Running a family dairy farm showed a very grim future when Celine and Jim took over. Using Troly to sell their small production raw milk on their website. Soon after, their son Scott started experimenting with raw cheeses, made a few instagram posts, and online subscription sales instantly took the business to the next level. 

24 months from struggling to make ends meet, to providing to the extended family.


Producers around the world use Troly to improve food & beverage sales. Join the best industry-Designed software platform.

(full-featured 30 days trial, no card needed, no catch)

A platform to help you

Sell anywhere in 1-click.

Connect your brand and stock to your existing and new channels. Starting with your website and based on your strategy, Troly identifies opportunities to improve sales.


Online e-commerce sales

Connect your inventory across your website, Point-of-Sale and on-the-go events.

On-premise, fairs & markets

Ensure all customer information follows you everywhere you go.

Marketplaces and channels

Unlock additional sales by displaying your products on 3rd party channels.

Integrated software allowing you to

Report on stock and sales, everywhere.

Save time by having Troly to send customer intent and purchases, product information and inventory depletion to software you choose.


Shipping with real-time tracking

Send customers timely shipping updates, and fully branded notifications, in real-time. You can now spend more time where value is added.

Seamless Marketing and Campaign Tracking

Learn how successful your campaigns are with built-in ability to build a smart buyer profile for all contacts, across all channels.

Stock and Accounting

Report all sales directly in your accounting system.  Gone are the days where you had to call a your warehouse team or distributor to check on inventory for sell, and sales figures.